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Hello. I hope to find information about my great grandfather, Michael J Quinn. He was born in County Longford abt1866. His father was Patrick Quinn (Ballymahon?) and his mother was Mary McQuade. He died in New York City in 1937. He married an Irish American named Mary Flanagan. What I know about him, or at least heard, was that he was a stonemason in Ireland. He and a buddy, John Boland, stowed away on a ship to either Canada or New York state. He came into the US through Watertown, New York, and then he went to New York City. I was told he coowned a speakeasy, the Stork Club, in New York City (not sure) and that Mary Flanagan wouldn't marry him unless he stayed out of the pubs. :) So he became a provisional officer on the NYPD. He did very well and became a detective on the Broadway theater district beat. He was very tall, well over 6 feet. I don't know if this is silly to put all this information here, because I'm trying to find out where he came from in Ireland, but maybe some Quinn in Longford has an oral family history. It's just if there is a family of Quinns who are very tall, or have a history with stone masonry, whatever… (I guess I AM silly.) He was a very charismatic man, loved his job, loved his family, loved his faith, loved his dog and his cat… And I wish I could find out where he came from. He had many children who were also very charismatic and quirky. It runs in the family! One son became a hero in World War II. He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy. A very big deal for the son of a stowaway. I have always felt that there are family members of mine in Ireland--we just haven't met--and, more importantly, some dear mom of long ago wept many tears and prayed her son and his descendants would never forget her or the Mother Land. Dare to laugh at me!


Kate Collins

Saturday 18th Apr 2020, 07:13PM

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