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I am looking for my GGGrandfather, Michael Kennedy, born in 1822ish. Michael married Catherine from Castle Connell, Limerick about 1847 and the immigrated to Upstate New York in 1848. All their children were born in America. This is the limited information I have.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Loucy




Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 08:29PM

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  • Hello Brian,

    On the subscription website:  findmypast there was one for that time frame. The bride is written as Catherina and marriage took place in Kilmallock which would be approx 40 km from Castle Connell. The marriage took place on February 27th 1842.

    Good luck with your research. ☘        

    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 09:16PM
  • Thank you!




    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 09:51PM
  • Brian,

    RootsIreland shows baptisms for at least five children of Michael and Kate, all born in Ireland:


    • Kennedy          Kate     1842    Co. Limerick   
    • Kennedy          Maria  1844    Co. Limerick   
    • Kennedy          Patk.    1847    Co. Limerick   
    • Kennedy          Bridget            1849    Co. Limerick   
    • Kennedy          John    1854    Co. Limerick

    This disagrees with the belief that all of their children were born in the US.





    Thursday 23rd Nov 2023, 12:03AM
  • Or perhaps  Michael Kennedy and Kate Turner are not the couple who went to the U.S.?


    Thursday 23rd Nov 2023, 12:13AM

    Brian, Is this the family you are tracing?  Note that the eldest child, Michael, was born in Ireland, not the U.S.


    From 1855 NYS Census:

    NameMichael Kenedy[Michael Kennedy]



    Dateabt 1822

    Residence Date1855

    Residence PlaceAnnsville, New York, USA

    District E.d. 1

    Relation to HeadHead

    Line Number21Sheet Number21

    Household Members (Name)Age

    Michael Kenedy33

    Catherin Kenedy33

    Michael Kenedy6

    Margret Kenedy3

    Thomas Kenedy0


    Thursday 23rd Nov 2023, 12:32AM
  • Hi Patricia,

    Yes, I believe this is the Michael Kennedy I am looking for in Annsville, NY. The NYS 1865 Census has the son Michael (spelling Kannady) being born in 1850 or 1851 and in New York. That is what I am basing my assumption on...right or wrong, not sure yet.  All the children are listed. Also, I believe Michael and Catherine immigrated to New York in 1848...again we are not positive, but some verification.

    Thanks and this is great!



    Thursday 23rd Nov 2023, 10:09PM
  • I looked further into this and I think you might be correct that Michael and Catherine son might have born in Ireland. I foune 2 other U.S. census that state he was born in Ireland. One lead was a Michael Kennedy born on May 9, 1849 in Ballina, Tipperary. Any thoughts or advice here?




    Thursday 7th Dec 2023, 05:56PM

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