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My ancestor Patrick Moran was baptised in Kinvara on 5 Jan 1833. The Baptism record shows him as 'Pat' and names his parents as Batw and Mary Moran of Caher. Patrick's Australian death certificate  (24 September 1903) names his parents as Bartholomew Moran (Labourer) and Mary Lanahan

He emigrated to Australia in 1859, assisted by a Michael Moran. The Australian immigration record notes that at that time his father was dead, but his mother Mary was still living in Kinvara.

I have been unable to find any other verifiable information about Bartholomew or Mary and would appreciate any further local assistance, as I have exhausted the various online Irish resources as well as Ancestry.


Geoff Moran, Patrick's great, great grandson, living in Australia 


Geoff Moran

Friday 3rd Jan 2020, 03:14AM

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  • Hi Geoff:

    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  I am going to forward this post to a volunteer in nearby Gort who may be able to assist you with your research.  

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 6th Jan 2020, 11:15AM
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    Hi de Lourdes

    Thanks for taking the time to help with my research. All these small details make a difference, and will help me progress my research. I have attached Patrick's death certificate, so you can see the names of his children. There was a child Mary, so the one you mention could well be Patrick's mother.

    It's taken quite some research here in the antipodes to make the connection with Kinvara, but now I have a place I have somewhere to aim for when I come to Ireland. I don't yet have a trip planned and never been to Ireland, but one day I do want to make that physical connection and try and understand why my ancestors came to Australia. I'm thinking the famine must have been a major reason. I have this vision of exploring graveyards and maybe discovering some ancestors that way, but I suppose if they were poor people, there may not even be gravestones.

    Thanks again

    Geoff Moran

    Geoff Moran

    Saturday 18th Jan 2020, 05:12AM

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