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I have been researching the paternal ancestry of one of my daughter's grandsons and come to a 'blank wall'.

Margaret MOYLAN has been identified as being his 3rd great-grandmother.  She married a William Henry FRAME in New Zealand in1864.  A family tree I have been given by the FRAME family claims she was born in Tulla, County Clare, Ireland and her death registration in New Zealand on 27 June 1904 says that she died aged 65 (being born before 27 June 1839!).  A family tree I found on the internet has her mother as Honoria but no other information!

I haven't yet received a copy of her New Zealand marriage registration record.  Although the New Zealand online marriage record has her family name as MOYLAN the same family tree that suggests she was born in Tulla has her family name as MAILAND.

It would be great if someone is able to either provide more information confirming what is 'known' or at least suggest that Tulla is not Margaret's birth place.





Sunday 13th Mar 2022, 11:27AM

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  • On rootsireland, I found the baptism of a Margaret Moylan on 21 Feb 1837. Lived in Lackinshana townland. RC parish: Killadysart, Co. Clare. Parents: John Moylan, Judy Kelly. Sponsors: Pat Meany, Norry Griffin.

    I can't say that this is definitely the Margaret you are seeking. Do you have any other information? For instance, her children's names?


    Sunday 13th Mar 2022, 08:00PM
  • Hey Patricia, this looks very promissing.

    Her children are Anne Fermella FRAME, William George Francis FRAME & Henry Edward FRAME.   Fermella looks as if it might relate to an ancestor!  But, John &/or Judy have not been used.

    I am registered at RootsIreland , but not a subscriber.

    Brian Turner


    Sunday 13th Mar 2022, 11:05PM
  • Hopefully the marriage record will include her parents' names!


    Tuesday 15th Mar 2022, 12:33AM
  • Dear Brian:

    I am a Tulla volunteer with the IrelandXO programme and I was just alerted to your message.


    I have Moylan ancestry in my own family tree. There were several Moylan families in the Quin/Clooney/Kilraghtis area of County Clare, and parts of these parishes would have fallen within the Tulla district, generally.  

    I would recommend that you check out the Quin baptism register which is available online through the Clare Library website.  There are several Margaret Moylan baptisms there.  If you have any questions, please email me directly at: and I will assist you.  The website link for the register is:

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours.

    All the best,



    Jane H, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 15th Mar 2022, 02:11PM
  • What another great response Jane!

    I await receipt of the marriage record.

    If the names fit with Paticia's information we are on the right track, but if they don't I will follow up on your suggestions.


    Brian Turner


    Tuesday 15th Mar 2022, 11:12PM
  • Just wasted my money!

    Personal details of the bride & groom were not collected until 1880, and I should have looked that up before ordering.

    Jane, thanks for the Quin baptism register link.  However, there is nothing in the 1816-1855 period that fits date wise.

    Brian Turner 


    Wednesday 16th Mar 2022, 03:17AM

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