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Hello Like many I have hit a road block on my family tree. I am seeking out information of the following. Searching for the parents of James Mulkeen 1821-1908 and Mary (Lyons) Mulkeen 1833-1912. And any information on Thos Mulkeen abt 1857 and Mary Mulkeen 1865. These would be 2 of James and Mary (Lyons) Mulkeens children. Greenwood, Ballyhaunis, Mayo Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, 12:56PM

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  • HillBoston:

    There are some possibilities for Mary Lyons in the Bekan records which supposedly start in 1832 yet on Roots Ireland I located an 1829 record and also found an 1834 record 

    October 26 1829 father Patrick Lyons mother Margaret Nolan sponsors Andrew Crosby and Sabina Crosby

    March 16 1834 father Anthony Lyons mother Bridget Lyons sponsors Thomas McHugh and Mrs. Lyons

    The earliest James Mulkeen record in Co. Mayo on Roots Ireland was in 1833 in Bekan but since James was born in 1821, the record would be for another James Mulkeen

    The 1833 Tithe listings for Bekan civil parish show a Thomas Mulkeen and a James Mulkeen. Possibly one or both are connected to the 1821 James Mulkeen…

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, 01:57PM
  • martincmeehan

    Friday 26th Mar 2021, 08:01PM

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your reply. Your link went to an empty screen on Irish GI. I am very familiar with the site and have used it throughout my research. I'm not sure if the link didn't copy correctly or if you were just informing me of this site , however I have exhausted all options at this point. I was hoping someone who is searching for this same subset of people would see this post. 

    All the best!



    Tuesday 30th Mar 2021, 06:10PM
  • Hi HillBoston,


    1911 Census Information

    Actual official townland is called Turlough which adjoins Greenwood.…

    The link I had posted previously was a link to the birth of Mary born 27 Aug 1865

    James was born 24/10/1868

    Prior to 1864 we need to look at church baptismal records. 

    Here is the link to the Microfilms for Bekan Parish. An older spelling used was Beacon.

     01/09/1857 Martin baptised

    16/10/1859 Thomas

    12/06/1862 John

    You might find more.

    James and Mary Lyons married 13/02/1854

    There are also some marriage records that go back to 1821.

    The Microfilm is available at the link above with the others for Bekan.

    There are a number of other early Parish Marriage records on this Microfilm as well as Bekan.

    I noticed a record for a Thomas Mulkeen marrying an Anne Waldron on the 4 May 1823. You may spot others.

    It is all we have to go on.

    It would be possible to acquire the Cancelled Land Valuations which would give you the renter of their plot of land for the earlier years 1856 - 1900 and the Title Holder for the years from 1900 - 1970 or so. They need to be given the County, Parish, and Townland, Mayo,Bekan,Turlough. Email address below. They are in Middle Abbey St in Dublin.

    There are many researchers of Irish records who are unlikely to get back this far with their family records, including myself.

    If your ancestors were one of the 2000 Land Holders then it may be possible to trace back to 1709 when the registry of Deeds was set up.

    I have seen it achieved for one family close to Ballyhaunis whose family is traceable back to an Irish Chieftain.







    Thursday 1st Apr 2021, 09:09PM


    Hi Martin,

    Thank for your detailed reply! I wish I could say that I have advanced on this tree , however I have not. 
    It's so frustrating.







    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 07:23PM

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