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I am seeking any information regarding the Mulkeen family of Ballyhaunis. Parents, James Mulkeen 1821-1908 and Mary Lyons 1833-1912. I believe they had 6 children Anne, Thos, James, Mary, John, Michael, there may of been others. Anne was my 3x grandmother, she left Ballyhaunis sometime in or around 1870. She lived and died in Boston, Massachusetts and was married to a fellow Irishmen from Kiltormer, Timothy J. Conway. Myself and a few other defendants are all stuck at the same point. We would like to know what happened to the remaining children. We know John stayed in Ballyhaunis marrying a Bridget Waldron, and Michael moved to the UK. Mary, James, and Thos are all a mystery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.







Sunday 14th Feb 2021, 03:33AM

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  • I'm not sure how much of this info you already have, but Ballyhaunis is in the Catholic parish of Annagh. The parish records which are available online go back to 1851 for baptisms, so you should be able to find some or perhaps all of the children there.  The records are available at this link:

    The marriage records go back to 1852 (with a few earlier ones), so if the birth year you have for Mary Lyons is correct, you may be able to find her marriage record as well.  In case youu need to look for anyone in a nearby parish, you can use the interactive map at that site to move to a different parish.  Claremorris (Kilcolman) and Bekan have baptismal and marriage records going further back.

    If you find a relevant baptsmal record, it will usually state the name of the townland where the family lived.  You can then locate more info for that townland at this site about Ballyhaunis, which lists all of the townlands and has links to more info about them:


    Sunday 14th Feb 2021, 04:56AM
  • Hi,

    I'm just another searcher here on this board...not a volunteer who answers all the questions, but when I saw you are looking for a Mary Mulkeen of Ballyhaunis, it peeked my interest as I am exploring someone with the same name from there. Turns out the Mary I am looking for is older than what information I found for you. I have a subscription to, and knowing the parent's names, you can filter to find their children. When I plugged in James Mulkeen and Mary Lyons, I found their seven children....the bad news is, your grandmother is not one of them!

    Here is what I found: Bridget (1853), Martin (1857), Thomas (1859), John (1862), Mary (1865), James (1868), and Michael (1872). All were born in Ballyhaunis, and the baptisms took place in the Bekan parish. Interestingly, there is a person named Anne Mulkeen as one of the Baptism sponsors for Michael. Could this be her?

    Perhaps your Anne is a sibling to James, and not a daughter...just a guess.  Are you familiar with the Irish naming conventions that were popular until about the mid 19th century?  The children's names are given in a certain pattern which means there are a lot of people with the same name!

    I hope what I found is accurate, and doesn't cause you more confusion. The Mary Mulkeen I am searching for married a Thomas Gallagher about 1865, and my great grandmother, Margaret Gallagher was then born in Ballyhaunis in 1866.....but her parents are a guess at this time. 


    Carolyn Toohey


    Sunday 14th Feb 2021, 06:37AM
  • I located the same baptismal records that Carolyn located. I also found a February 13 1854 marriage record in Bekan for a James Mulkeen and a Mary Lyons which is a little unusual since Bridget was born September 17 1853 and baptized on the 21st.

    I did find a death record for young James Mulkeen. He died at 14 days on November 7 1868.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 14th Feb 2021, 02:22PM


    Hello All,

    Thank you so much! Roger , we were unable to find a death certificate for James but we did believe he had passed prior to age 1. This now confirms that thank you

    Carolyn , thank you! Anne's year of birth would be 1854. I do have the record of birth for her .I don't however, have a Bridget or a Martin listed.Myself and 3 others are  all actively researching this family. We are all direct descendants and ironically all stuck at the same point. Somethings seems to be off as we all truly believed that what we had was accurate. The repetitive names are really driving me crazy! It's practically impossible to tell whose who.

    Hi Kevin, I am not familiar with that link, thank you! I will check that out. We do have what we believe is all the birth records but what we are trying to accomplish is what happened to the siblings. I can't help but think that my Anne 3x grandmother, left Ballyhaunis never to see her family again. With that said we would like to know where the remaining children ended up. Especially Thos Mulkeen as his records of birth was the only thing we could find out about him. We know he lived to at least adult hood based on stories from relatives but we don't know where is final resting place is .

    Thank you all! I'm very happy I joined this site.




    Monday 15th Feb 2021, 04:04AM


    Hi Roger ,

    Is it possible for you to post the photo or link of the marriage? I can't seem to find it on Irishgi .

    Thank you!



    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 07:02PM
  • Hill Boston:

    This link will take you to the page on the Bekan register which has the marriage of James Mulkeen and Mary Lyons

    The top of the page shows 1853-1854 and then there are entries for three December marriages (presumably 1853) followed by a number of February entries including the James Mulkeen/Mary Lyons marriage. It is possible that the marriage occured in February 1853 which would make more sense with Bridget's baptismal record. You will also notice that on the same day, there was a marriage entry for a David Mulkeen and Margaret Smyth. Possibly David was a brother to James?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th Feb 2021, 02:56PM
  • Thank you Roger! I can't seem to find anything else about Bridget Mulkeen. I'm wondering if there are a duplicate of James and Mary Mulkeen in Ballyhaunis. Bridget does not come up on my tree, and I can't seem to find anything else ie.Marriage or death. Could you tell me, how would one go about finding records for early 1800's? I'm finding it impossible to untangle the Mulkeen and Lyons, as they all have the same subset of names, born around the same time. I'd like to find Mary Lyons-1833 parents and the parents of James Mulkeen -1821.


    Saturday 20th Feb 2021, 04:57AM
  • Hill Boston:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has a October 26 1829 baptismal record in Bekan for a Mary Lyons with father Patrick Lyons and mother Mary Nolan Sponsors were Andrew Crosby and Sabina Crosby. I have some doubt about the year 1829 because the NLI parish register shows records starting in 1832  and the index on Roots Ireland shows  baptismal records starting in 1832. So be cautious with this record.

    There was also a March 16 1834 Mary Lyons record in Bekan with father Anthony Lyons and mother Bridget Lyons  Sponsors Thomas McHugh and Mrs. Lyons.

    The earliest James Mulkeen record in Bekan was in 1833 


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 21st Feb 2021, 03:26PM
  • Hi we are researching my paternal grandfather, Michael Mulkeen from Aghamore and Coogue. My Mothers Cousin still lives there and has a lot of information, her mother was my grandfathers sister Mary Mulkeen. You can contact


    Sunday 28th Mar 2021, 09:46PM

    Hi Cathrat,

    I sent You an email but have yet to hear a response. If you didn't receive it, please email me at


    Tuesday 30th Mar 2021, 06:13PM

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