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Thank you ahead of time for any assistance.  Still new at this and learning what is the appropriate amount of information and questions.

Mostly searching for information about my great grandfather James Murphy or great grandmother Hannah or Johanna McCarthy in the Clontade/Belgooly/Kinsale area.  Much I have on them and their children including my grandmother I been able to find on  Not much on NLI post 1900 for baptisms etc.  Family history Belgooly RC church likely.

1911 (and 1901) Census – only one Murphy family Knockrobin, Kinsale Rural, co Cork, Parish Clontead. In 1911 my grandmother Margaret was the youngest and made it onto the census age 1 month.  All the names and ages of parents and siblings coincide with other sources.  Her brothers John and Patrick also came to the US.  Her brothers Jeremiah and Edward moved to England.  Her sister Mary (Minnie) unknown.  I also have no information on 1911 census Mary Murphy, lodger, 89 or Patrick McCarthy, nephew, 16 or 1901 census Edward McCarthy brother in law

James and Hannah Civil marriage certificate solemnized at RC Chapel Kinsale, Kinsale, Cork.  6 Oct 1894.  James Murphy, servant, residence Gortnalickey, father James Murphy deceased.  Hanna McCarthy, servant, residence Mellifontstown, father Tim McCarthy deceased.

Great grandfather’s James parents.  James and Mary

  • I have no information for 2x great grandfather James beyond being listed on great grandparents James and Hannah marriage certificate
  • I found a couple of possible clues for 2x great grandmother Mary Murphy.  1) She was the informant on grandson Timothy’s death certificate in November 1902 2) there was a Mary Murphy, 89, lodger living with them on the 1911 census and 3) I did find a Mary Murphy, 72, widow in the 1901 census living by herself in Gortnalickey.  Pretty wide age gap to be the same person.

Great grandmother Hannah parents and family.  Timothy and possibly Margaret Webb

  • I have some notes from a previous family researcher who visited Kinsale in 1975 and met a McCarthy cousin.  Hannah died in 1953.  "Living with Tessie McGrath for a number of years before her death."
  • Hannah had siblings Patsy and Edward.  Her mother my 2x great grandmother name was likely Margaret or Elizabeth Webb.  No information for 2x great grandfather Tim McCarthy beyond James and Hannah marriage certificate.
  • The Webb name came from the notes of previous family researcher who visited Kinsale in 1975 and stated “everyone I talked to asserted that the mother of Hannah McCarthy was a Webb”.  She was also told the Webb’s in the area where descendants of a puritan minister who came to Ireland in the 1640’s with Cromwell.
  • Margaret Webb possibly had siblings William and Kate.

Lastly, looking for information on grandmother’s sister Mary Murphy (believe known to family as Minnie)

  • Mary Murphy aka Minnie.  There is little family lore about her.  Lore says died young.  I have some passed down informal information from 1975 that she died prior to 1975 unmarried, but during my searches of civil records I found a marriage solemnized in the RC Church of Belgooly and registered in Ballyfeard, Kinsale, Cork; 26 Nov 1918; Mary Murphy (21), father James, married a Michael Joseph O’Mahony (29, sailor)
  • I guess I could write off same name, age, father name as coincidence except, it also reflects her place of birth as Knockrobbin, Kinsale.  Too many coincidences for me.
  • Interesting occupation “sailor” due to time/place - 1918 in Ireland.  Might sailor mean English Navy?


Bill Comerford

Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 12:56AM

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  • Hi Bill,


    In case it helps you match names of relatives, try a search for Murphy on…;


    As you'd  imagine there are lots of them. If you zoom in on Kinsale there are about 30 logged here in graveyards and more in Belgooly. If you spot someone you are related to then you might find information in who erected the headstone or who else is buried in the plot.


    Hope this helps


    David Whyte, IrelandXO l Ballyhoura Development

    Monday 13th Jun 2022, 09:43AM

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