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Hello all

I'm not sure whether I should post on the Toomevara or Ballymackey mesage board as Lisnmaoe is in Balltymackey townland but the parish records relating to Lisnamoe are in the Toomevara Parish in the diocese of Killaloe.

My Kennedy/O'Meara families farmed at Lisnamoe. I have posted more about their names in a post on the Ballymackey message board. Married into these Kennedy families are Hartys, Hassetts and Kilmartins and Renehans into my O'Meara family. 

I have been poring over the reproduced Toomevara parish records and think I have found 2 x great grandmother Mary Harty's baptismal record. In April 1840, I found: Record very faint. No Christian name visible. ? Andrew and Judith Harty Ballymackey Sponsors; ? Carroll & Con Kennedy Ballymackey. Many of the records are easy to read but others as you will know, a nightmare. I tried to keep looking for Ballymackey to focus on deciphering and that was quite helpful.

I have chipped away at the Kennedy, O'Meara, Harty lines and have filled in quite a few gaps. These are my tree under my name SMCole52. I have been much less successful with the Hassett and Gilmartin lines. The parish records show lots of Gilartins and Hassetts in the parish records but I am assuming they were labourers and didn't rent land. The Hartys were in Island, Dunkerrin near Moneygall but they seem to have shifted to Lisnamoe. I have found Carrolls, Ryans and Stapletons married to my Hartys and they are from around Busherstown near Moneygall. Moneygall shifts fromTipperary to Offaly at various times too.

Renehan is an unusal Irish name over here in New Zealand but I know it's more common in Tipperary. My great great grandmother Mary's brother was Lancelot Harty who was quite a respected priest at  Mountrath Monastery and later at the Carrickmacross Monastery School. Another brother Michael farmed at Lisnamoe. Two of Mary's siters, Bridget and Sarah emigrated out here to New Zealand.

I have vsited Tipperary twice and have wandered around the Balinree cemeteries at both the old and new churches. I wasn't successful though in finding the old O'Meara family farm in Lisnamoe. The family had it until Matthew O'Meara died in 2001. His grandfather William and my great grandfather Michael were brothers.

I would welcome contact from anyone who thinks they might be related 

Regards from New Zealand

Sharron Cole


Wednesday 8th Nov 2017, 05:25AM

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  • Hi Sharon My name is Dolores Whyte from Dunkerrin Parish on the Offaly/Tipperary border in ireland.​   Moneygall is in the Parish of Dunkerrin.                                                                                        I am trying to locate your family from the names that you gave me, and I made enquiries from the names that you mentioned, but so far I am unable to distinguish which O'Meara family your ancestors are.     I am also unable to access your Ancestry Family Tree to decipher which O'Meara family (and other family mentioned) that you mention.                                                                        Would it be possible for you to give more detailed information (names of marriages, births etc) as well as more details about your ancestor Matthew O'Meara who died in 2001.        I have a couple of contacts in Toomevara Parish that may be able to help me further, but your notice did not give any specifics for me to enquire further.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Dolores Whyte                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dunkerrin Reaching Out

    Dunkerrin Offaly

    Tuesday 14th Nov 2017, 08:09PM
  • Hi Dolores

    Thanks for your reply.  I  have my O'Meara relations sorted to some extent in that I have my 2 x great grandfather Cornelius in the 1851 Griffiths valuation at Lisnamoe, Ballymackey. He was married to Margaret Renehan and they had 4 children that I have located Patrick (b1845), William (b 1846), Eliza (b 1848) and my great grandfather Michael (b 1850). It was William who remained on the farm and thrpugh his wife Anne McCarty had a number of children,, the last of whom on the family farm were Matthew, William, Mary and Denis. 

    It is really the Harty/Carroll/Stapleton/Ryan line from around Busherstown and Moneygall that I was pushing here, and to a lessrer extent my Gilmartins and Hassetts.

    I have Conor Harty in the 1824 Tithe Applotment Book in Cullenwaine and the various children of Conor Harty and Mary Stapleton being born in Moneygall, according to the parish bapatismal records. 

    So it's really the Dunkerrin and Moneygall family that I'm interested in. I have been into the Nenagh heritage centre and  probably got as much as I am able from there. I pore through the parish records, trying to decipher the poor handwriting and that is where I'm pretty sure I have found my great great grandmother Mary Harty's baptismal record from 1840. The transcription certainly doesn't say Harty nbut I tink I have it. I also stopped by Moneygall and the signpost to Busherstown last time I was in Tipperary, just to see the place where the Hartys are from.

    Warm wishes



    Sunday 19th Nov 2017, 03:53AM

     Hi Sharron      I am not sure from your email how much you have already researched about the Harty / Stapleton family, but anyway hereunder is the information I have from the Dunkerrin Parish Records and also from Roots Ireland.

    The Parish Records from Dunkerrin Parish (and indeed most Parishes in Ireland started c early 1800's) as it was only after the Penal Laws were relaxed that Churches were able to record baptisms and marriages.        

    Conor Harty married Mary Stapleton (no date for this).  The Island is the address given at the time of the baptisms.   The townland of The Island is just about 3 miles from Moneygall village.

    Their children were as follows

    (1) Andrew - baptised 05/04/1820.   Sponsors were Richard Hayes & Mary Stapleton

    (2) John - baptised 28/10/1822.        Sponsors were Edmund Markan (possibly Morkan) and Anne Green.

    (3) Judith - baptised 23/08/1828 (23/08/1828 also given) Sponsors were Andrew Harty and Sally Doyle.

    (4) Connor - baptised 01/05/1830.  Sponsors were Ml Tierney and Margaret Keane.

    (5) Michael - baptised 21/06/1834. Sponsors were Jim Keane and Margaret Harty.


    Andrew Harty married Judith Carroll in Dunkerrin Parish on 11th February 1839.   Witnesses were John Carroll and Hugh Semple.   

    The address Ballymackey is given for the baptisms.  Ballymackey is in Toomevara Parish but just about 4 miles from The Island.   The following information is from Roots Ireland

    Their family were as follows

    Bridget (bp 15/07/1842) Sponsors Hugh Kennedy and Sally Carroll

    Anne Harty (bp 08/12/1844) Sponsors Denis Loughnane and Anne Carroll

    Michael (bp 06/04/1847) Sponsors John Carroll and Mary Slattery


    The above Anne Harty (Ballymackey) married Patrick Bourke (Grange) on 7th May 1870 in Ballinree Church.  Their witnesses were Matthew Slattery and Anne Slattery.

    I see that there is one sone registered - Michael Burke Grange baptised on 01/02/1875 in Monsea Parish.  This Parish is on the far side of Nenagh town.


    Michael Harty address given as Lisnamoe on his marriage married Mary Hogan Toreigh on 15th February 1874.  Witnesses were Mallick (Malachy) Carroll and Marian Meara.

    Their children were as follows

    Andrew (bp 25/12/1874), Helena (bp 07/11/1876 - Ballymackey given as address), Patrick (bp 26/08/1878), Mary (bp 04/08/1880, Michael (19/09/1882, Johanna (bp 13/05/1884,                           John (bp 11/02/1886), Lancelot (bp 15/02/1887), Bridget (bp 10/04/1889) and Sarah (bp 09/08/1890). 


    With regard to the O'Meara's of Lisnamoe - I made some enquiries locally, and  as you know there were 3 brothers, William, Matthew and Denis.   One of these brothers (Matthew I think)  is buried in Ballinree beside Slattery  grave, and they other two brothers went to live in Carrigahorig, and I cannot find out where they are buried.  This may be in the Toomevara Parish Records if you have dates of deaths etc.   A neighbour of the O'Meara's bought the farm ins Lisnamoe.  I also believe that there are descendents of the O'Meara's still living in Ballymackey/Ballinree area.                         

    Sharron I am not sure if any of the above is new to you as you did not mention any names,dates or details of marriages in your notice.               Please advise if I can be of any further help to you.   

    Best regards   Dolores (Whyte) Dunkerrin XO

    Dunkerrin Offaly

    Monday 27th Nov 2017, 01:55PM
  • Hello from New Zealand Dolores

    Many thanks for the research you have done on my Harty relations.

    I too have pored over the original parish records with some success. I have linked in the Carroll family - Judith Carroll who married Connor Harty was from Busherstown and her parrents were Darby Carroll and  Winifred Ryan. Judith was born in 1820 and had 3 siblings that I can find - Anne b 1822 , Rodger b1824 , and John b 1826.

    When I started looking further afield than just around Lisnamoe, I have been interested to see how close Offaly is and how sometimes my relations appear in Tipperary records and sometimes in Offaly..

    What I plan to do now is to see if I can trace the families of the siblings of Judith Carroll and of Andrew Harty. I am also interested in finding out more about the Stapletons. Of course I am very aware of the significance of names such as Kennedy, O'Mear, Ryan and Carroll in Irish but particularly Tipperary history. Stapleton is not a name I am that fmailiar with but as my 4 x great grandmother was a Stapleton, I obviously need to do more research.

    When we were in Ireland two years ago, we visited Moneygall and became aware of the links it has with Barrack Obama. 

    Thanks again for your research

    Kind regards


    PS I have visited both the old and new cemeteries at Balinree and found the O'Meara brothers there. Also there are lots of Harty graves in the old cemetery which have turned out to be very useful in helping to piece the Harty family together.


    Thursday 28th Dec 2017, 10:12PM

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