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Hi, I'm looking for information on my Grandfather (Patrick Myers) and my Grandmother (Margaret (Maggie) Phairs) who were married in 1920, in Clones. My mother was Kathleen Myers, born 1933 in Clones. 
I sure my Grandmother was from Clones, but it's not certain where my Grandfather was born, maybe Tipperary(?) but unsure. 

Many Thanks

Phil Ventress



Tuesday 22nd Mar 2022, 04:39PM

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  • Phil:

    The third record at the link below shows the 1920 civil marriage record. Patrick Myers was a widower and was living in Clones at the time of the marriage. The names of the fathers of the bride and groom are also shown.…

    I located the 1921 birth record for William Myers (first record). Birth records for children from 1922 on are not available online for privacy reasons.…

    I checked the 1901 and 1911 censuses and did not find a Patrick Myers in Co. Monaghan.

    I did locate an 1918 marriage between a Patrick Myers and Rose Anne McCaffrey in Clonses…

    Rose Anne died in 1919

    eighth record Rose Anne Myers…

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 22nd Mar 2022, 06:12PM
  • Hi Roger 

    many thanks for this.  I'm fairly sure this is the same Patrick in both marriages (1918 & 1920). However, I'm still pondering where  my grandfather came from; using his father's name, Michael, and the census data I've identified two candidates. There is a Michael Myers in Tipperary, with a son Patrick born about 1891 or a Michael Maher in Galway with a son Patrick born about 1898. I looked at the Galway Michael Maher as the wedding certificate of Patrick in his first marrage stated his residence was Galway.
    I have discovered at least 5 more children in addition to William and my mother Kathleen, but as you state it's very difficult to confirm these. 

    kind regards Phil


    Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022, 04:44PM
  • Hi Phil 

    My name is Wayne Brady and my Mother Olive is your  Mothers younger sister. My Mum who sadly passed away many years ago did mention your Mother many times and was saddened to say the least that they had lost touch. To my knowledge there was 4/5? boys and 3 girls. I am happy to fill you in with all the information I have with regards to our Mothers family  and can put you in touch with a first cousin who still lives near Clones. With regards to our Grandfather Patrick he was born in Galway and if you look up Eight roads to Montana on this site it can also be found on Google it's a story about his Aunts immigration to Bute Montana. There is also a couple of skeletons in the closet so to speak....but I don't think this the place to discuss out of respect.  

    Best regards Wayne.






    Friday 25th Mar 2022, 10:36AM

    Hi Wayne 

    Many, many thanks for this hugely valuable information and great to make contact with you cousin! I would be extremly grateful for any further details on the family so I'll happily take you up on the offer. 

    My email address is:

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards



    Sunday 27th Mar 2022, 07:13AM
  • Hi Phil, did you get the email I sent you?


    Monday 4th Apr 2022, 11:28AM
  • Hello Wayne

    Unfortunately not, sorry probably my fault. Try using the Email address I sent you with capital first letter, or try;

    Many thanks.

    Kind Regards



    Monday 4th Apr 2022, 01:33PM
  • Hi Phil
    Just resent the email to the above address

    Regards Wayne.


    Monday 4th Apr 2022, 01:56PM
  • My grandfather is William Myers son of Patrick and Margaret Myers (phairs) They lived Cara street clones Does anyone know what number they lived at.


    Friday 9th Dec 2022, 09:35AM
  • Hi Mike Always good to make connections with long-lost relatives. 👍 Nice to meet you! My grandparents were Patrick and Maggie Myers, and my mother was your grandfather’s younger sister Kathleen. I have birth and death documents confirming they lived in Cara St, Clones, but unfortunately I do know which number they lived at. Regards Phil


    Friday 9th Dec 2022, 02:28PM

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