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I'm looking for information about the early life of my ancestor, Nicholas Dunphy, who was a servant/groom at the large houses in the district, i.e. Lotamore, Lota and Dunkettle. He married another servant, Hannah (or Johannah) Barry in 1865 and they had 11 children. They eventually settled on the Old Youghal Road, Mayfield.  While I have a lot of information and records of their married life and their children, I've been unable to trace Nicholas's origins. Was he born in Cork or did he move there in search of work after the famine?  According to his marriage record, his father was called James Dunphy and was a labourer.

I've found two Nicholas Dunphys, son of James - one born in Portlaw, Co. Waterford (1839) and one in Inistiogue, Co. Kilkenny (1843), but nothing that would directly connect them to Cork.  Both locations are about 90 miles away from Cork, which was a significant distance in those days.


Thursday 2nd Jul 2020, 08:13PM

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    Hi SJ,

    90 Miles would not be a problem in those days. People were used to walking and there were many villages along the way where a person could rest overnight.

    The names of the children versus, the names of the siblings of each "James Dunphy" may give you some clue. Usually, the eldest son was named after the father's  father, the eldest daughter after the mother's mother.  Exceptions, where the first born was a daughter she would be named adfter the father's mother.



    Friday 3rd Jul 2020, 07:53AM
  • Thank you :)


    Saturday 4th Jul 2020, 11:44AM

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