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Hi there, 

I am trying to locate my Great-granfathers family in Sligo, I believe the areas of connection are Ballinvally, Achonry.

His name was Denis O'Connor, born c1871/1872. He had a brother named John O'Connor born c1859 all other siblings are currently unknown. The 2 brothers were involved with horses (stablemen) so this may or may not be a hint for finding their origins. In 1901 they are both living in Dublin in Lower Erne Street and in 1891 both are living in Glasgow, Scotland. 

We also know that their fathers name was name Charles O'Connor, also from sligo. 

I have studied the 1901 & 1911 census to trace their parents and am coming up with a number of options for Denis, but nothing for John so I would like to know if anyone has inforamtion on searching the parish registrys? If I can link their mothers name to approx birthdate I think this would be a huge help. 

Thanks in advance, 

Ann Desmond


Friday 5th Feb 2021, 02:47PM

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  • Marriage Certificate of Denis O'Connor & Mary Anne Fitzsimons in 1910 site Denis's father as Charles O'Connor, Labourer.

    Headstone of Denis O'Connor in Deansgrange, Dublin sites born in Ballinvally, Achonry, Co. Sligo


    Friday 5th Feb 2021, 02:53PM
  • Ann:

    I looked for all Denis O'Connor/Connor civil birth records from 1864-1875 in the Tobercurry registration district and only two records came up both in 1872 but neither record had a father Charles. The RC parish of Achonry (within the Diocese of Achonry) unfortunately does not have baptismal records until 1878. I think it is possible that the O'Connor children were baptized at the Achonry church and therefore no records exist and the family failed to civilly register the birth of Denis.

    I hope I am incorrect.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 5th Feb 2021, 04:12PM
  • Ann:

    I looked at the 1858 Griffiths Valuation head of hosuehold listing for Achonry civil parish and no surprise Charles O'Connor was listed in Ballinvally townland. I went further back to the 1827 Tithe listing for Achonry civil parish and ther was a Daniel O'Conor listed in Ballinvally. Possibly the father of Charles?…


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 5th Feb 2021, 06:27PM
  • Hi Roger, yes unfortunately I was having the same issue with the civil birth registrations! I had been looking at griffiths valuations 1858 and also thought that Charles O'Connor in ballinvally could be a match, great to know about the find for Daniel O'Connor in 1827. This has been a huge help, hopefully we can connect some dots!! 
    thanks for your help. Ann 





    Saturday 6th Feb 2021, 01:39PM
  • Hi Roger, would there be a map to coincide with the record for the 1827 valuation? 


    Saturday 6th Feb 2021, 01:43PM
  • Ann:

    No map that I'm aware of for the Tithes but  has maps for the Griffiths.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 6th Feb 2021, 03:10PM
  • Hello Ann, I have just joined IrelandXO and saw your enquiry regarding Charles, John and Denis O'Connor, I believe we might be related (possibly 3rd cousins).

    Your great-grandfather was the younger brother of my great-grandfather Bernard O'Connor 2nd son of Charles O'Connor & Catherine Callaghan.  Charles was from Ballinvalley and Catherine was from the neighbouring townland of Carnyara.  The had 9 children, Luke, Bernard (my great-grandfather) Mary, Catherine Agnes, John, Daniel, Elizabeth (known as Bessie), Charles and Denis. 

    Charles father was Daniel O'Conor (note one N in surname as per Tithe Applopment book entry for Ballinvalley. Charles moved to the neighbouring townland of Streamstown.

    Daniel married a Miss Higgins (first name unknown) she also came from Carnyara. Charles was the youngest of 10, the oldest was Luke, John,of Thomas and of course our Great-Great grandfather Charles the youngest, the other names are unknown. Luke was a member of the Fenian organisation and took part in the 1867 rising, he then had to leave Ireland and went to the USA, he settled in Pittsburg, Pensylvania, he married there and had 1 son, he died in 1884, the name of his wife and son are unknown.

    This information was given to me 35 years ago by Charles O'Connor (Charlie) son of Denis O' Connor your Great-Grandfather

    The local church that served Ballinvalley/Streamstown/Carnyara and the surounding area suffered a terrible fire in 1884 so most of the church records were destroyed

    Thomas O'Connor  Glasgow.


    Wednesday 5th May 2021, 07:26PM
  • Well hello cousin Tommy!

    As I was reading through your message I thought to myself that you must have the same hand written notes from Uncle Charlie (South Africa) that we recently recieved from a newly found cousin in Sligo!!

    My mam is the eldest child of of Jimmy (James) who was Charlie's younger brother.

    Would love to connect more. Myself & William Coleman have been tracing relatives and have since found 5 other children of Daniel & Miss Higgins! 

    Please email me



    Friday 17th Sep 2021, 11:59PM

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