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After months of searching for Owen Connors, I found him in the Tithe Applotement Books in Bawnmore (Banemore), County Cork in the 1830's and in RC Church Parish Records with Bawnmore as the address for son Edmond baptized in September 1822 and William baptized in April 1824. The next son (Patrick) was baptized March 1828 in "Lackenrelig" RC Parish of Kanturk. It took weeks of research to cross-reference Civil Parishes with Catholic Parishes. I think I finally have a good understanding of these. First of all, I am unable to find Lackenreligh as a townland ANYWHERE. This is the spelling firmed up by the Mallow Heritage Center. All the other children born until the year 1834 were baptized in the RC Parish of Kanturk.  I can't find anymore children born after 1834. Maybe one of the parents died or they moved for some reason. I researched the Civil Parishes of Ballyclough, Kilbrin,Kilroe, Kilcorcoran, Subulter and Kilmeen. I researches EVERY townland in the above Civil Parishes. I find Owen in the Kilmeen Parish and townlands of Cloongeel, Glenalougha and Shanavoher with the greatest concentration of Connors' being in Shanvoher. What are the chances that this is the right townland? Surely someone in this townland might be looking for family that came to America. I am a descendant of Henry Connors born to Owen and Catherine Rourke in 1830. He came to the US in 1882, but I know of no other family that did this. I want to come to Ireland in August to connect with relatives but will not make that trip without some kind of certainty. Are there any Connors' left there? What toll did the Great Famine take on this family? These are some of the question I have. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Kathy Connors Hartley


Thursday 21st Apr 2022, 12:24AM

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  • Is it possible the townland "Lackenrelig" is actually one of these (from


    • Lackareagh (An Leaca Riabhach) , Kilmocomoge Civil Parish, Barony of Bantry, Co. Cork 268 A, 0 R, 0 P
    • Lackareagh, Kilmichael Civil Parish, Barony of West Muskerry, Co. Cork 548 A, 1 R, 18 P
    • Lackareagh (An Leaca Riabhach) , Skull Civil Parish, Barony of West Carbery (West Division), Co. Cork 326 A, 3 R, 17 P


    Thursday 21st Apr 2022, 12:46AM
  • On rootsireland, there are baptism for two children before the Catholic parish of Ballyclough.


    Thursday 21st Apr 2022, 12:55AM
  • Owen Connors is named in the Tithe Applotment Books in 1832 (according to records on Ancestry) and in 1836. Both note him as living in Banemore (Bawnmore) Parish of Kilbrin, Barony of Duhallow. The RC Church Parish Records note Bawnmore as the address for 2 of Owen's children in 1822 and 1824 so I believe this townland is accurate. On looking further in the "House" Books that were dated 1847, Owen is no longer listed, but a Catherine Connors (his wife, widow) is marked through and John Murphy is noted in her place. From the research I have done that tells me that Owen died, then Catherine died with John Murphy obtaining their holding. It was suggested to me that maybe Owen "lost" his holding or died. He would have been at least 50 years old in 1847. On further research I found several "Owen Connors" in the Parish of Kilmeen in the townlands of Cloongeel, Glenalougha and Shanavoher with the last 2 townlands having a lot of Connors'. What is the likelihood that Owen moved to another townland? I thought families lived in the same place and passed their land onto their children. I still wonder if any or how many of Owen Connors' family could have died during the Famine, a question I probably will not find an answer for.

    My question is what is the likelihood that Owen moved to be closer to possible siblings and thus they could help each other.  There are also some Daniels and Patricks who were two of Owen's childrens names listed in these townlands. Finding death records is also difficult as church records for this are sparse. 

    Any help would be appreciated. I want to make a trip to Ireland in the future and would love to meet any one still living there that could be related to me.


    Kathleen Connors Hartley


    Friday 6th May 2022, 03:24PM

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