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I was hoping to find information on my late fathers family who I believe resided in Clonmany.

On speaking with my mother, I have some details: Father's father was Andrew Farrell, who married Rose McLaughlin (unsure if this is the correct spelling of Rose's maiden name).

My father had 3 brothers, one of whom resided and passed away in Clonmany (Joseph / Joe). William and my father Patrick both passed away in Falkirk (Scotland) and Andrew (Andy) was last known to be residing with family in London.

My father also had 4 sisters; Mary and Bridget who both moved to Manchester (I know Mary has also passed away). 

The remaining two sisters Rossane and Kathleen, I only heard about yesterday and know nothing about them at all. I would love to find out about my grandparents whom I never met and also my fathers two sisters that I never knew existed until now.

Any family history at this early stage would be absolutely fantastic and I look forward to filling in the missing pieces.


Many thanks...







Wednesday 2nd Jun 2021, 01:34PM

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  • Stephen:

    I searched the free site for a civil marriage record for Andrew and Rose but did not find the marriage. Possibly they were not married in Ireland or they did not civilly register the marriage. Also, if they were married in Northern Ireland, a record would not be on but on the PRONI ( Public Records Office for Northern Ireland).

    Farrell would not be a Donegal surname but McLaughlin/McLoughlin is very common.

    We only have access to images of civil birth records up thru 1920 because of Irish privacy rules. I did check the free site and saw index records for births for your father and siblings in the 1930s/early 1940s. It looks like the marriage between Andrew and Rose was around 1930.

    I looked for civil birth records for Rose McLaughlin between 1911-1920 in the Inishowen registration district and there were 20 Rose McLaughlin records. Likely your grandmother was one of the 20.

    Any other clues on your family?

    This Facebook group may be of interest

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 2nd Jun 2021, 03:32PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Many thanks for your response. I'm afraid I don't have much more to offer at this present time.

    I have spoken to my mother and she said that my fathers gran resided in Malin Head. She also requested a baptismal certificate when they got wed, however it does not contain a reference nor dates of birth.

    The information as such is quite vague stating St Mary's Church, Clonmany. Possibly Mine Hay (unsure if this is accurate) and also lists two sponsors namely Hugh Garden and Madge Kavanagh.

    I'm note sure where we can go from here... any suggestions?













    Wednesday 2nd Jun 2021, 10:36PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Made a little headway today thanks to family here in Scotland. They sent me some dates that may help trace back family members... 

    Rose, Andrew and their son Joseph were buried at St Mary's Church in Clonmany.

    Andrew passed away on 16th February, 1963

    Rose passed away on 25th March, 1957

    The only son who remained in Clonmany; Joseph, passed away on 07th May, 2005

    I didn't manage to find their ages therefore at present their DOB remains unknown.


    Thanks again






    Thursday 3rd Jun 2021, 03:54PM
  • Stephen:

    I went back to the free site and rechecked the birth records I located earlier. The records located were:

    Joseph April 1931

    William October 1932

    Bridget July 1935

    Andrew January 1937

    Mary April 1939

    Patrick January 1941

    As you can see there were no records for a Rossanne or Kathleen.  Maybe they were born outside of Ireland after your father?

    We only have access to death records thru 1970 and likely Joseph died after 1970. Maybe as a start you should contact the two funeral homes in Clonmany and see if they have records on the burial of Joseph. St. Mary's church is another place to contact. I could only find Facebook pages for the funeral homes



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd Jun 2021, 03:55PM
  • Apologies for the late respone Roger, I have been trying to find out more information from relatives and have also reached out to Kathleen at Clonmany Parish who has been very helpful.

    As far as I can see, there was no sister called Kathleen, however Roseanne did exist from Andrew's previous marriage prior to marrying Rose McLaughlin. Roseanne married and I believe become Roseanne Cary and died during the 'Troubles.' Mary's son John had information that suggested she died in Derry in the 70's. Roseanne's family were Sadie, Michael and Annemarie. I have no information on Andrew Farrell's first wife, however as you said, he did not originate from Clonmany and Kathleen Doherty from Saint Mary's (Clonmany Parish) has also confirmed this, advising that no marriage certificate exists there nor a record of the name Farrell and as such married in a different parish before moving to Minahay.

    John also advised that Rose McLaughlin was born in Scotland prior to moving to Ireland. He is trying to locate documents from other family members in support of this, however nothing as yet.

    I will try and find out more information on Roseanne Cary as this might lead to some information on Andrew Farrell and possibly his first wife. As it stands however, I have been unable to find out important dates of birth for Andrew and Rose that could help go back further.










    Wednesday 23rd Jun 2021, 10:55AM
  • Adding to my earlier information in the hope someone can fill in some gaps...  

    my father Patrick's father Andrew Farrell had one child (Roseanne) out with his marriage to Rose McLaughlin. Roseanne died age 45 in 1975 in a river accident.

    Roseanne married into the Carey family. I believe Roseanne would have been born in 1929 / 30 but as yet, I cannot find out who Andrew had Rose with. The transition from his first wife looks quick suggesting his first wife who they had Roseanne with had passed. 

    Andrew's second wife Rose I think may have been born in 1904 and passed in 1957. Their first child together was Joe in 1931. It's possible 

    if anyone can fill any gaps, especially with regards to Andrews side and his daughter Roseanne, this would be very helpful.

    Thank you





    Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 10:01AM

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