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I've two solid leads to Patrick O'Leary my ancestor:

1.  his marriage when he was 35 (so born c.1862) in Brisbane, Australia 6 March 1898 tells that his parents are Denis O'Leary and Ellen Hallahane and he is from Scrahan, Cork. I can find Denis and Ellen's marriage and children including Johanna, Mary, Julia, Margaret, Honora, Timothy, Daniel, in Scrahan (Sranaviddoge township near Newceston)  but I cannot find Patrick's birth, and

2. Ellen Leary, presumably his mother, died in Sranaviddoge in 1880 and Patrick Leary was the informant on the death record.

Finally and perhaps confusingly, there is baptism record for a Patrick of Denis Leary and Ellen Allen with a witness Ellen Leary in the same parish but the 17 March1859 date does not quite work with his death in Australia in 1918 age 55.

Have I reached the end of the line with my search for Patrick in County Cork?






Monday 25th Sep 2023, 05:42AM

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  • Dan:

    I think the 1859 baptismal record is the correct record. Ages were inexact in the 1800s. Immigrants to a new country frequently made themselves younger or older to fit their circumstances. I don't think 55 and 59 were that far apart. Also, I think the priest likely misheard Hallahane as Allen and there were Allens in the parish. I saw a February 5 1859 baptism for a Timothy Allen near the register entry for Patrick Leary.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 25th Sep 2023, 12:49PM
  • Thank you for your guidance on that.  I can go with that.


    Tuesday 26th Sep 2023, 01:06PM

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