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Hello! I am now trying to trace the second major brick wall in my family which is Patt Brody and his son John Brody (my great grandfather) of whom I also a fair bit of info but also problematic gaps.

My great grandfather John Brody married Bridget McInerney of Hollymount Galway in 1911. Patt Brody is listed as John's father (living) on his marriage certificate and he also states his current residence as Killanena. On that year's census shortly after their wedding John then as you would expect lists his place of birth as Clare (although his new residence was Galway to become head of the house at Hollymount with his wife Bridget and her mother Bridget at the time of the cenus). John states he is 29 on the 1911 census making his DOB around the 1881 mark.

When I try to trace back his father Patt Brody I am really struggling. The first struggle is that I can only find 3 birth certificates for a John Brody in County Clare around that time, 2 records in 1881 and 1882 which which would work date wise according the 1911 census, however the fathers on these 2 certificates are not Patt! The only other birth record I can find that comes close is a 1879 bapstism record for a John Brody, father's name Patt Brody, mother's name Mary Moloney and Diocese Killaloe. This could mean that there may have been some fibbing on the 1911 census for some reason? Or I still haven't found the right birth record - but this one seems most likely. 

On the 1901 census the only record I can find that might also be my ggf John Brody is of him living with his widowed grandmother Bridget Kelly of Islandmore Killanena, where he says he is 17. Again there either could have been some fibbing on age or it could easily be a different John Brody.

When I focus back on trying to locate Patt Brody I cant find him on any census or marriage cert in County Clare - the only thing I think might be him are 2 baptism records. One from 1849 and one from 1850. The 1849 bapistm record is incredibly unclear and the transcription says his father name was Han but I think that has been misread. The the other potential record is from 1850 and is much clearer whereby I can see the parents are John Brody/Ellen Baker - no idea which one would be my relative though!

What doesnt help is there are a few other families of Brody's in close proximity around that time. Im not sure if they are related in some way more distantly but it's proved difficult in my tracing due to so many common names and the fact I am unsure exactly where to pinpoint my family in Clare apart from some certainty on my gg John Brody residing in Killanena prior to his 1911 marriage.

Any help on me confirming the correct birth record for John Brody and then which Patt Brody (1849 or 1850 or other!?) I need to trace would be much appreciated! All attachments of the records I have below.


Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019, 03:23PM

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    Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your help again! I think the first link to my great grandfathers baptism in Nov 1879 is definitely him. However it’s his father that is Patt Brody according to his marriage certificate and potential baptism however the Patt Brody / Moloney marriage cert link there is for 1918 so can’t be John’s parents.

    The census’ look like they fits perfectly time wise but all their children are baspited in Tulla and non are named John. The only John Brody baptised in Tulla around that time was born to James and Ellen Brody instead. The John Brody baptism link we have for 1879 that I think is my ggf is in Killaloe

    There is another 1901 census entry at Islandmore Killanena for just Bridget Kelly and her grandson John Brody born Co. Clare notes as being 17 (so dob 1883 which is this 4 years too early for 1849 baptism record and a 3 years to late compared to the 1911 census) - could this have been my ggf before he married in 1911 moving to Galway? And if so would that mean his mothers surname would have had to have been Kelly and therefore not Mary Moloney 






    Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019, 09:46PM
  • Thanks again Miriam! Super helpful again.


    The only thing I know for sure about John Brody (son of Patt) is that he married Bridget McInerney of Hollymount, Galway (another farming family) in 1911. They married on 26th Feb and then he then moved to Hollymount Galway to take over as head of the house and lived there with his wife Bridget and her widowed mother Bridget McInerney (Wife of the mysterious Fergus from my other query!), this was shown on the 1911 census entry. They stayed there and subsequently had my Grandad John, Fred, Patrick, Catherine and Delia. Unfortunately my grandad and all his siblings are deceased and so I cant ask them if they recall their aunts ad uncles or their Grandparents Patt and Mary.


    I have found some Killanena gravyard records since yesterday - and as expected families are grouped together. First off you see some record of the other local Brody family (Norah et al.) but further down we find another Brody family group: Corney, Mary, Anne, Pat, Jimmy, Michael and Mary Jnr. Could it be that Pat is the ggg im looking for, Jimmy is his brother who would be the James on the 1901census housing his nehpew John Brody!? The graveyard record says Jimmy's birth 1860 and census puts James at 1858 so could be the same person! It makes sense that the rest of the family would be buried together there but my ggrandad John would have been buried near Hollymount, Galway after he moved to his new wifes farm there. - this even gives some birth years which has been super


    This then leads me me into looking into Corney who died in 1906 so most likely eldest and head of the family - there is a baptism record of a Pat Brody born to a Connor Brody and a Mary Dwyer in 1854 in the Caher Feakle parish which would tally up nicely with ages/location again I think!?


    Could this be them!?


    Wednesday 24th Jul 2019, 11:17AM
  • Dear Sophie:


    Thank you for your post.  I live in Tulla, County Clare and I know some of the Brody family that I believe that you refer to in your query.  I will check with a man in the area who is a Brody and run some of what you have found and discussed in this thread by him.

    Would you please contact me at:


    Many thanks.



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 24th Jul 2019, 12:18PM
  • Thank you so much both Mirium and Jane!


    Jane I have emailed you the details - there are a couple of potential lines of Brody's so have sent across what I know in case your contact can help, very kind thank you so much!


    DNA is due any day really, it says I should have the results by 3rd August so fingers crossed!



    Wednesday 24th Jul 2019, 03:02PM
  • Hi Sophie:

    I have already emailed you, but I have read through your thread again and I see that you have located the graveyard transcriptions which should be a big help.

    I will contact the local individual and I will let you know via email what the results are.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 25th Jul 2019, 02:14PM

    Hi Jane

    Thanks again. The graveyard transcriptions have been great however from researching I have found there were 7 separate Brody houses in the Feakle Parish alone around 1850 (whilst I’m sure each is still related) which is why its been proving so difficult! I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough but now I’m after a specific marriage certificate if possible mainly to see who the parents are on it.

    Basically I can confirm that the correct Patt Brody I’m after, his wife was Mary Molony.

    So what I need is the marriage record for Patrick Brody and Mary Molony, marriage anywhere between 1860-1870. They lived in Killanena, and the wider family hail from Corbeha/Killanena. All Pat and Mary’s kids births were registered in Tulla and baptised in Caher Feakle/Killaloe. There might be some variations/mispellings of their names on records as I have found and rather confusingly there was definitely another couple with the same names that were younger in age (that Patt died at 27yrs in 1888 and his Mary Moloney remarried John Torbin in 1889). My Patt and Mary were both born around 1840/50 and died 1928&1932. If there are ANY records that might be them along with what their parents names are that would be most helpful! Children's were James, Mary, John, Patt, Norah and Bridget.





    Tuesday 30th Jul 2019, 07:02PM
  • Attached Files

    Hi Sophie:

    There is a civil marriage recordin the Galway registration district incorrectly which lists a Michael Brody and Mary Molony marriage having taken place in February 1876 in Killanena.  I am attaching this record for you.  I know that the first name is not Pat, but the father is listed as John.  I will ask the local men that I have mentioned in previous correspondence and reply to you.  If you have not already noted, many of the Tulla District records are incorrectly in the Galway records.  


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 31st Jul 2019, 02:27PM
  • Thanks for this Jane, I will certainly have a look in the Galway records now that is really helpful! Unfortunately I dont think the is them as Pat and Mary had their first child James in 1871, Mary in 1873 according their offical birth registry so hopefully I can find some more possibilities in Galway's record collection! Ultimately their son John did marry into Galway they were so close I guess being right on the border.

    Thanks again



    Wednesday 31st Jul 2019, 10:26PM

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