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 I am trying to narrow the possibilities of my 3rd Great MCNamara Grandmother. I have recorded all the birth records for Clarecastle from Clare Library and the McNamara ones from My Great Grandparents John McNamara born about Jun 1857 ( 1900 US Census in NYC) and Catherine Fitzpatrick born about Jan 1853( per same census). They married in September 1880 in Clarecastle and came to the states by 1882. I was able to find Catherine's birth information, from her father's name Matthew, she was actually born January 1843 her Mother Ann/Nancy O'Connor. 

I know incorrect birth information is pretty common for Irish and not just Immigrants (My mother their great granddaughter let my sister and I think she was a year younger than she was, only finding out after she died.) How many of you have had a birth year that was drastically different when you finally found your Ancestor in Clareabbey/Clarecastle/Ballyea?  I am also very interested in if any of you have a record that has both Ancestors from this parish only to find out one is not or believe one cannot logically be from Clarecastle/Ballyea. That is where I am at!  

John and Catherine met in Buncraggy, married in Clarecastle, no indication of birthplace.John's DC has his mother as Catherine Fitzpatrick both marriage and Death have his father as John. No Birth Record in this Parish has a mother Catherine Fitzpatrick (assume it my GgGrans). No obit, no dna match with a sure connection either. So I am asking others with family from Clareabbey/Clarecastle/Ballyea, what information they have had or are working with.








Wednesday 6th May 2020, 10:30AM

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