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I've just recently become aware of this site and want to put out the word to all descendants of Quigleys and related surnames.  I am the volunteer administrator for the Quigley Surname project on Family Tree DNA.  We have over 100 members who are searching for their Quigley roots by using DNA testing, both autosomal and Y-chromosome, to extend their traditional paper-trail research and break down brick walls.  We have members all over the world, including many in Ireland.  Several have traced their Quigley lines back to the 1700s. 

For those of you familiar with Y-DNA testing, our paternal Quigley lines are in major haplogroup R-M269, with over 20 current terminal haplogroups determined by Big Y-700 testing.  A typical path of our paternal ancestors is shown on the attached map.

Please let me know if you are interested in Quigley family research and would consider joining our project to learn from and assist with our research efforts.

Don Quigley

Oceanside California


Quigley SNP Tracker.png


Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 07:20PM

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