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Im Reserching Reedys in the Parish of Ardcanny County Limerick Ireland early 1800s My Great Great Gran Father & Great Gran Father Michael & Nehemiah Reedy are buried at the back of the Church Ruins 


Friday 8th Dec 2017, 06:23PM

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  • Ivan:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I checked the Tithe Applotment listings and the Griffiths Valuation head of household listings for Ardcanny and did not see any Reedy/Reidy/Reddy records. Same with Roots Ireland for Kildimo RC parish which includes Ardcanny. Here is the RC parish register  Let me know if they were a different religion.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 8th Dec 2017, 06:56PM
  • Ivan

    Nehemiah Reidy, farmer,  died 21 June 1924 at Graigue, Kilcornan, Co Limerick. His death was registered by his son John Reidy who was present at his death.




    Sunday 10th Dec 2017, 10:42AM
  • Thanks Roger & Ellen for your reply,

    Yes they were Church Of Ireland and Lived in Graigues Kilcornan Limerick Micheal Reedy would have worship in Ardcanny up till they Built the Church Of Ireland Church in Castletown Pallaskenry about late 1830s .Nehemiah  Reidy Born late 1843 is Correct Sophia .

    Michael Was Born 1803  prob was Graigues Kilcornan died there also buried in Ardcanny No Headstone. only Nehemiah Reidy has a Headstone ,i have more Records of a James 7 wife Ann Michael & John Reidy also buried in Ardcanny, whom may have been Michaels Parents  as they died about early 1830s

    Michael Married in St Brendans in Tarbert early Feb 1843 to Eliza Fitzell ,Now i cant find out who his father was as he was not mentioned on the marrage cert ,

    Michael had 6 Sons  & 1 Daughter Nehemiah,Catherine,Adam,Michael,John Thomas, George & Robert ,there may have been more yet to find.

    I have found all info on Michaels Children .Im just putting this out there because there were mixed marriges in my family down through the years .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ivan Reedy


    Sunday 10th Dec 2017, 08:24PM
  • Ivan,

    Castletown graveyard is the nearest graveyard to Graigue, Kilcornan (½ mile). Killurach (Chapelrussell) graveyard is further east (circa 2 miles), as is Ardcanny (Mellon) graveyard (circa 4 miles east). This would lead one to believe that the Reedy family lived in the Mellon area at one time.

    I am inclined to think that the Riedys’ of Chapelrussell, Pallaskenry, Limerick may be your relatives in the Ardcanny/Chapelussell area.

    1825 William Riedy, Chapelrussell, Pallaskenry, Limerick - 2 acres

    1825 Michael Riedy, Chapelrussell, Pallaskenry ,Limerick - < 1 acre

    1825 Michael Riedy, Chapelrussell, Pallaskenry, Limerick - 6 acres

    1825 Chas Reidy, Ballyoshea, Kildimo, Limerick  - 29 acres

    1825 J Reidy, Glenameade, Kildimo, Limerick - 1 acre

    Ardcanny, COI (Mellon). (Church erected 1738) - The Protestant Churches’ Commission (1615) gives Ardcanny as part of the archdeacon’s prebend, the Rector being Latimer Sampson, a student in Dublin College, and the Vicar being Robert Remington. The ancient church of Ard Caithne was in the town land of Mellon. In 1738 a Protestant church as erected on its ruins.( Kenry, Mairtin O’Corrbui p24)

    Killurach (Chapelrussel, COI) (Church erected 1822- demolished 1958) -When Dr. Thomas Elrington was Protestant Bishop of Limerick (1820-23) he made Chapelrussell a definite parish under his administration, and in 1822 a Protestant church was erected on the site of the old ruins. Lewis wrote that Ardcanny church as “in a ruinous” state at that time.( Kenry, Mairtin O’Corrbui p27)

    Kilcornan, COI (Church erected 1832) -1657. In this year Kilcornan church (RC) was being repaired (Westropp, Churches of Co Limerick). Westropp, however, he makes the same error as others in placing the old church of Curnan on the site of the Protestant church erected in 1832. It was far more likely to have been in Castletown graveyard, and Canon Wall believed it had been where the Waller vault was later built. (Kenry, Mairtin O’Corrbui p21)




    Monday 11th Dec 2017, 11:52AM
  • I've been gifted a family tree that outlines my great great grandfather, Edward McGrath, son of Margret Reedy. She is the daughter of Patrick Reidy and Mary Madigan (both b: in Ardcanny/ d: Chittenden, Vermont). 

    Maybe there are ties - I also would love to know if anyone can fill in how they traveled to the United States. 

    Thank you!


    Sunday 13th Nov 2022, 04:09PM

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