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Hello, please need some help finding information on the Regan and Beirne family Drumsillagh, Cootehall, Ardcarne, Co. Roscommon. Cannot seem to locate any information or marriage record between Mary Beirne and Peter Regan(possibly early 1840’s) Have searched RC parish books already. Any help greatly appreciated.


Thursday 31st Oct 2019, 04:41PM

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  • Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Marriage records for Cootehall/Ardcarne parish start in April 1843  Likely your Peter Regan and Mary Beirne were married just before that time period.No record would be available.

    Let me know if you need additional information.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 31st Oct 2019, 04:53PM
  • Hello Roger, yes I’ve noted on prior search that 1843 is start of records for Ardcarne/Cootehall parish. Was just wondering if anyone on this site had any knowledge of this family or maybe even be a Beirne or Regan themselves. I’m thinking that maybe Mary Beirne was possibly from outside Ardcarne/Cootehall area and the couple was married in her home parish, then moving to the Regan homestead in Drumsillagh. Would be most appreciative for any help with this research and expertise from Ireland. Thank you for your reply.


    Friday 1st Nov 2019, 07:35PM
  • Also would like to mention the couples first child was born in 1846 so is why I’m basing marriage date probably was in early 1840’s


    Friday 1st Nov 2019, 07:39PM
  • I checked all the prior messages on the Ardcarn parish page and did not see any that would be of interest to you. Hopefully somone local will comment. By the way, I live in the States.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 2nd Nov 2019, 05:47PM
  • I have just come back after spending a week in Roscommon/Leitrim and walked through Drumsillagh (from Cootehall Church) to get to Cleaheen where my ancestors came from. There was also a Regan family living in Cleaheen - Edward Regan who was married to Catherine Kerrigan. I was advised by a member of staff at the hotel I was staying at to try looking at local graveyards for further information about past relatives as they sometimes give you more information. She said that the main one was at Ardcarn but two others may be of use at Assylinn and Keadue. Subsequently I found findagrave on the Internet (and added some gravestones myself).

    Ardcarn - Old Graveyard - (5 x Beirne & 3 x Regan graves)

    Ardcarn - New Graveyard - (3 x Beirne & 5 x Regan graves)

    Assylinn - (a few Beirne and many Regan)

    Keadue - (a few Beirne and Regan)

    A lot of gravestones, at Ardcarn Old particularly, are just stone markers with no information (this was the case for most of my family - I have attached a photograph to show you what I mean). Also, not all the gravestones have been identified yet. Ardcarn is very good as it has a list of all the identifiable gravestones on a board at the front of the church.


    Kevin Moore

    Sunday 15th Mar 2020, 09:43AM
  • Sorry. After just posting I have found out that there are two Drumsillaghs in the area - one in Tumna and one in Ardcarn. The one I passed was in Tumna which is just under 5 kilometres away from the one in Ardcarn. My suggestions still stand though.

    Kevin Moore

    Sunday 15th Mar 2020, 10:02AM


    hello Kevin, sorry just seeing your post today and wanted to thank you for all the cemetery suggestions. Was at Ardcarn in August 2019 but don't think I found the Regan(s) pertinent to my line. I also visited a few other cemeteries that were highly overgrown and many stones unreadable. 

    the drumsillagh my Regan family's homestead sat unpin the banks of Lough Eiden is very beautiful with the ruins of the home adjacent to the Lough. Coincidentally I've noted that an elder Regan went to live with close family in Cleaheen as I've noted on death cert. 

    also I've noted an abundance of unmarked stones in the cemetery as well, it's a shame.

    would you happen to have your dna done or on gedmatch, maybe could be a match but nevertheless would love to exchange other information with you as two heads are better than one. Looking forward to hearing!
    All the best 




    Friday 17th Apr 2020, 03:44AM
  • Attached Files

    Hi Anne

    I have done Gedmatch and my kit number is HL3824756 (Kevin Moore) [Ancestry] - I've attached a copy of the first few matches.

    You might already have the attached information about Peter Regan but he was shown on the 1858 Griffiths Valuations as farming at Drumsillagh with his brother, John. They had two houses and I assume Peter's was the lower one on the map and John's being the other slightly higher up. The reason I have assumed that the lower house is Peter's is because the Valuations show that Peter had a house and office whereas John only had a house (the lower house seems to have an additional outbuilding). I also see that Peter's son, John, was still farming in Drumsillagh on the 1901 and 1911 Census'. John having married Mary Dunne in 1882.


    Kevin Moore

    Friday 17th Apr 2020, 03:57PM
  • I am a descendent of Steven regan b:1814 in Ardcarn and Tuamna He was married to Regina Fix? and they had a child Jacobis (James) Regan b: Ardcarn in 1830 and he married Brigidae *Bridget) Farrell of Ardcarn and Tuama as well. He died at Manor Hamilton in Leitrim.  Their child Mary or Maria Regan married Patricio McNiff or Patrick McNiff of Ardcarn and Tuamna as well. Their child Michael Joseph McNiff b:1874 in Ardcarn left for America in 1890 and married Mary Murray of Derrinaghran, Coolavin, Killaraght, Boyle Roscommon. she grew up only a few miles from Ardcarn and they met in Boston, MA and their daughter Mary McNiff was my maternal grandmother. Let me know if any of my information can help.



    Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 04:11AM
  • Hello Charlene. We may be related through the Regan line, would you happen to have a gedmatch number or have you done dna ? 



    Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 10:48PM
  • Hi there,

    Yes I have done both ancestry and 23 and me. How do I get a ged match number?



    Wednesday 31st Mar 2021, 12:06AM
  • Hi Charlene

    Register with Gedmatch here - and then upload your DNA data. A good link to show you how to do it is here ...


    Kevin Moore

    Thursday 1st Apr 2021, 12:27PM

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