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This is a posting, from Aotearoa, New Zealand - the Reverend Joseph Barker is my Maternal Great Great Grand Father; he is separately listed four times in the Griffith's Valuation Record Information (1855), as Occupier/Tenant in the respective Townlands of Mweelin, Pollranny (Lynchaghan) and Pollranny (Sweeny), with the Landlord recorded as being Trustees of the Achill Mission...

My Lady Partner and I are soon to visit Achill, arriving Friday 20 September, 2019, and departing Monday 23 September, 2019 - my intent is to visit all locations related to the Achill Mission Colony, and also much elsewhere on the Island, of which from my researches I am now aware...

I would welcome meeting with anyone who could serve to enlighten me on the pre/post Famine History of the Island; and specifically any insight/information relating to the Reverend Joseph Barker and his Family...

Emma Caroline Barker who died February 4, 1860, is buried in the Churchyard at St Matthew's Church of Ireland, Clontuskert, Co. Galway, and we will visit there prior to arrival on Achill - Reverend Josepn Barker died 21 April, 1879, aged 86, in Nervi Italy; thus far I have not discovered his final resting place...

Any assistance as above would be much appreciated...


Lindsay McLean

Monday 26 August, 2019 




Monday 26th Aug 2019, 01:21AM

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  • Hello and welcome, Lindsay.  

    You may like to check this out. "The Preacher and the Prelate  - The Achill Mission Colony and the Battle for Souls in Famine Ireland"  by Patricia Byrne.  See website Achill News 

    Enjoy your visit. 

    Maggie May

    Tuesday 17th Sep 2019, 04:19AM
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    Greetings Maggie May

    Thank you for the kindness of your reply to my query - I purchased/read that book immediately l became aware of it in New Zealand last year; upon concluding the read I promptly wrote to Patricia Byrne, and having arrived in Dublin early on the morning of Thursday 5 September, 2019, subsequently met with Patricia in Adare, Co. Limerick, on the morning of Saturday 7 September - Patricia forwarded my initial email to Hillary Tulloch, (noted by Patricia as a reference for the book), who is a descendant of Edward Nangle by his first wife Eliza...

    We have just arrived in Westport, having spent tthe last wo days in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, including visiting the grave of my Great Great Grandmother Emma Caroline Barker, and attending a Church Service at rural St Matthew's, Clontuskert, where her final resting place is to be found...

    On Friday we are heading away to Achill for a three day stay, which time will afforf an extensive visit to all locations related to the Achill Mission Colony - on our return to Dublin we are to meet with Hillary Tulloch at Deansgrange Cemetery, so as to visit the grave of Edward & Sarah Nangle; Sarah Nangle was an elder Sister of Emma Caroline Barker, both born (nee Fetherstonhaugh) - their Father, Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, was also a Church of Ireland Clergyman, at Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, and we will call in at that Church on our way from Kilkenny to Dublin...


    Lindsay McLean





    Tuesday 17th Sep 2019, 07:52PM
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    Sunday 19th Jan 2020, 12:23PM

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