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Curious to confirm and learn more about my family from the Kilkenny area and parishes.  Quick Run Down Great Grandfather was Walter Patrick Saunders born Kilkenny 1852 to Walter Saunders and Ellen Purcell.  He left for the USA around 1870 and settled and died in Tyler, Texas, USA in 1914.  His sister Bridget Saunders married a John Long and from what I can tell stayed in the area but many of their children left and settled in Boston Area.  From what I can gather the elder Walter Saunders was born around 1816 in Kilkenny and his parents are most likely David Saunders (died 1818) and Catherine Kealy Birth and death unknown but may have lived with other children later in life.  Any more information or confirmation greatly appreciated.


Wednesday 30th Dec 2020, 10:01PM

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  • Bryan:

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and only found one baptismal record for a sibling to Walter. Mary Saunders baptized May 6 1838 at St. Canice's  

    However, when I searched on Sanders, I found two more records:Patrick March 11 1836 and Bridget June 7 1846. (As an aside, I would have thought the Roots Ireland search engine would have searched Saunders and Sanders at the same time).

    I did not find the marriage record.

    The Saunders family lived in Deerpark townland in St. Canice's civil parish.

    FYI. The Bridget Saunders/John Long marriage was at St. Canice's February 16 1863

    There is a baptismal record for the elder Walter and the info is as you describe in your message.

    I looked at the 1901 census for Deerpark. There is one Long family. Father was John but Mother was Johanna not Bridget…

    1911 census  again Johanna…

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 30th Dec 2020, 10:20PM

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