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 My name is Madeleine and I live in South Australia. My great grandmother was Eliza O'Neill. She was born in about 1862. She was married in Adelaide, South Australia in 1883. She had at least 2 sisters who came to Adelaide too. One was called Mary, born in about 1864, and the other was Annie (Ann), who was born in about 1858. We believe they were all born in County Clare. 

Eliza, Mary and Annie O'Neill were all married in the same Catholic church in Adelaide, South Australia in 1883, 1889 and 1894, respectively.

Their marriage records all show that their father was John O'Neill from County Clare. We think they may have come from Ennis, but we have no proof of that. We can't remember whether that information was passed down within the family.

An Adelaide newspaper notice for Annie's marriage, reported that she was the 6th daughter of the late John O'Neill of County Clare. If their birth dates are all correct, that would mean John O'Neill had 8 daughters!

The alternative scenario, is that they lied about their age, to get sponsored to SA, which apparently was quite common at the time. Alternatively, maybe they were second cousins, thier fathers (both John O'Neill), being first cousins.

We believe the sisters came out to South Australia in the late 1870's or early 1880's.

Annie may have come out in 1880 on the ship 'Corona' and called herself Anastatia.

If anyone can help find my great grandmother's family, my 90 year old father and I would greatly appreciate it. :)




Thursday 19th Aug 2021, 08:55AM

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  • Hi Madeline,

    You might please give the name of Elizabeth's mother.

     Her death record should have this.

    Subscription site has a "John O'Neill" in the parishes of Ennis, Crusheen and Cratloe in the years 1854 to 1866.

    The name of the spouse was, Shaughnessy, Clancy and Higgins, McNamara. 

    Cratloe is nearer to Limerick City than to Ennis. Crusheen is 8 miles from Ennis.

    Those records can be found on  - National Library.

    State records did not begin until January 1st 1864. Those that are registered can be found on  - Free Site

    You can also check County Clare Library - Genealogy

    Best Wishes,


    Thursday 19th Aug 2021, 02:44PM
  • Thank you for your quick reply, McCoy.

    We do not know the name of Eliza's mother. We have done some research on Anne (Nancy) Shaughnessy. She and John O'Neill have 9 children listed in the Drumclift Baptismal records (8 as O'Neil, and 1 as O'Neill).

    I have not found a marriage record for them. They do not have an Elizabeth. They had 3 Mary's, and an Anne. They were born between 1842 and 1861.

    Thank you for the suggestions.




    Thursday 19th Aug 2021, 11:55PM

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