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Hello, my name is Mary Casey and I was born in Roscrea Tipperary at Sean Ross Abby in 1951. My biological mother’s name is Mary Cashin. She was from Roscrea and is no longer with us. I was adopted at the age of three and raised in the United States. I was told my father is Thomas McGee. Through I have connected with relatives, that also share the McGee name, that are from the Donnegal.area.  Any help or insight into learning more about a possible connection to my father would be greatly appreciated!


Mary Casey

Monday 5th Sep 2022, 05:49PM

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  • Why not send a message to Donegal Heritage's FB page:


    Since this is a sensitive topic, perhaps say that "for a family history, I am looking for Thomas McGee" and then give his age, etc.?


    Monday 5th Sep 2022, 06:56PM
  • Mary,

    This issue of adoption is being dealt with at the moment - Birth Information & Tracing - by the Department of Children etc - TUSLA -

    If you have not done so, you may consider contacting the Department.

    In regard to the surname "McGee" there are quite a number with this surname in County Offaly.



    Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 06:40AM
  • Thank you for you suggestions! Also to note, is that my father was not told about the pregnancy. My mother wanted to protect his privacy. She was 17 yrs when I was born.

    Mary Casey

    Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 05:11PM

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