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Hello All!  I am searching for my paternal line and I believe that it leads back to the Kilmurry area.  My 3rd Great Grandparents Daniel Leary and Catharine Mahony were married in Kilmurry in 1805 or 1806.  My 2nd Great Grandfather Jeremiah Leary was born around 1819 and his baptism is recorded at Desertserges.  He made his way to the US some time before 1846 as he was married in Lowell, MA, in Oct 1846.  He made his way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before 1860.  He fought in the US civil war and was killed in the 2nd battle of Bull Run in 1862.  I really want to find my paternal line in Ireland and I believe that there are many Learys (O Leary) still living in the same area around KIlbonane, Templemartin, Cloughduv, etc.

Rich Sippos (biologically O Leary)

Rich S

Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 09:17PM

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  • Rich: is a free site and the Church Tab will take you to Co. Cork church records.

    The marriage of Daniel Leary and Catherine Mahony was in 1806 at Kilmurry church but no date was given just the year. One of the witnesses was a Margaret Mahony likely a sister to Catherine.

    In reviewing the baptismal records, I'm wondering if there were two Daniel Leary/Catherine Mahony couples- one in Kilmurry and one in Desertserges. Kilmurry is two RC parishes north of Desertserges. I may have missed some records. My discomfort is with records in 1819/1820 and then 1824. The same couple could not have had children in two different parishes--see Jer and Julia and Patrick and Denis. The marriage record I located would apply to the Kilmurry couple. I did not find a marriage record for the parents of Jeremiah.

    Let me know what questions you have.

    Roger McDonnell

    I found the following baptismal records in Desertserges:

    Ellen April 13 1818

    Jer    November 14 1819

    Denis October 26 1824

    The following records were in Kilmurry:

    Mary March 7 1809

    DS  August 28 1814

    Daniel August 28 1816

    Julia February 27 1820

    Patrick March 5 1824

    My sense is that your family was in Desertserges based on the fact that you are in Jeremiah's line.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 10:47PM
  • Thanks Roger for all of this information.  I found a lot of this information but I was not sure how to make sense of it since I could never find Jeremiah in the Kilmurry parish. 

    Interestingly enough, I have been able to match several different people to Mary Leary via DNA.  With the strength of the connections, I assumed that Mary was a sibling of Jeremiah rather than a cousin.  I still believe that this is the case.

    I have been able to find another DNA match that has many Leary relatives living all around Kilmurry.  This match is a triangulated match with a 3rd cousin of mine that goes back directly to my Leary paternal line.

    Is it possible that the family moved around a bit and could have been in both Parishes?  Again, you would have much more knowledge about this of course.



    Rich S

    Friday 11th Jun 2021, 05:28PM
  • Rich:

    Yes, they could have moved around if Daniel was a labourer and needed a new work opportunity. The key item from me is the dates of the baptismal records where in two instances, you have children born 3 or 5 months after another child.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 12th Jun 2021, 12:52PM
  • Hi - I have a (ggg/mother) Mary Leary (bc1810) in my 'Brien/Bryan' tree.  

    Little else known - she (presumably) married my (ggg/father) John Brien c1829 - as gg/grandad 'John Brien' (Jnr) was born Dunmanway 2/12/1829.

    (Later sibblings born in nearbye surrounding areas) 

    Ggg/dad's birth 1829 Dunmanway shows parents  'John & Mary Brien (nee Leary) address 'Vagus' -  travelling people (gypsies).  .

    I have later info -on my 'Brien'Bryan' side ...from various  London censuses.   



    Sunday 13th Jun 2021, 01:41AM

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