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The wife of Thomas Dalton was Mary Dalton, who was baptized 8 November 1868 in NewtownCashel, Longford, to Patrick Brennan and Margaret Scally. Thomas was introduced to his wife in America by a family member. For this reason, I believe he might be from the parish as well.

Parochial registers in Newtowncashel exist from 1830 to 1947 but transcribed records are not available online before 1866, so I'm having trouble searching the scribbled records for the name Thomas Dalton. He would have been born about 1860, though American records range from 1859 to 1867, it's just that most are about 1860. 

I did find a couple of other Dalton's in Newtowncashel, who later got married in the 1870's, who could be related. There were a couple of Dalton's in Collum, Newtowncashel parish, in Griffith's Valuation of 1854. There was a Patrick Dalton in Collum in the 1901/1911 Censuses. 

The only things I can seem to know for certain are that Thomas was born to Thomas Dalton and Ann Scully in the late fall, possibly November, between 1859 and 1863 (outlier 1867), possibly in Newtowncashel. There were people with the surname Dalton living in Collum.

That's all I've got! Any insight would be helpful. Thank you. 


Wednesday 16th Jun 2021, 01:25AM

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  • nglines:

    The subscription site   has transcribed the pre 1866 records for Cashel RC parish. I suspect that (World) also has the records. I did a search and there were no Dalton baptismal records in Cashel with father Thomas Dalton and mother with the surname Scully. The only Thomas Dalton baptismal record in the parish was December 16 1843 with father John Dalton and mother Bridget Sweeny.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 16th Jun 2021, 05:25PM

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