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Seeking forefather info. 

Patrick James McLaughlin was born Oct. 28, 1836 in Kilmore Parish (letter says on the "Moss-Hill estate"). Then the family moved to Kiltrustan, his father's parish, in 1844.

Patrick McLaughlin was one of 9 children: Jane, Catherine, Bartholomew, Mary, Thomas, Bridget, Ellen, Margaret 

His mother and sibblings lived in Kiltrustan - Toberpatrick Townland - until approx. 1870 (our last Ireland letter). His father died Feb. 2, 1848. McLaughlin family letters from1864-1870 were from "Tubberpatrick" and mailed from Strokestown. Patrick left for America approx. 1857.

Seeking record of: 

  1. Location of Moss-Hill Estate in Kilmore Parish, Townland ?
  2. Names of Patrick's PARENTS. Widow McLaughlin survived her husband for 22+ years.
  3. Location of family's Kiltrustan dwelling / property in the 1850s/1860s/1870 (McLaughlin tennants are on NOT Griffiths Toberpatrick Township 1857 valuation)


Tuesday 13th Aug 2019, 06:00PM

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  • Mosshill house & estate was located in Corkeenagh townland, which is in Cloonaff/Cloncraff civil parish Co. Roscommon. You can see the property on the Historic OSI maps on GeoHive, location links on GeoHive do not work correctly on IrelandXO system - to view launch the GeoHive map viewer, select Data Catalogue/Base Information and Mapping on the top left, then tock the 'Historic 6" Map' options. Paste the following ITM coordinates in the search box - 596077, 786494 and press enter.

    Google maps also show the area, the location indicated as Mosshill is in the north west of the townland.

    The Catholic parish for the area would have been Aughrim aka 'Kilmore and Clonaff/Aughrim and Cloonaff etc...', and the parish has baptism & marriage records back to abt 1816, there are some McLoughlins in the Catholic records, but no sign of a Patrick baptised in exactly 1836 - it's not unusual for ages and dates of birth to be inaccurate in secondary sources. A slightly wider search of the other Co. Roscommon RC parishes between 1834 and 1838 shows about 6 Patrick McLaughlin/McLoughlin/Loughan baptisms.

    Do you have approximate years of birth for the other children you mentioned ?

    To trace a household that arrived at Toberpatrick townland after Griffith's Valuation you would need to search the Valuation Books aka Cancelled Land books which continue on from the primary valuation using the same format.. These have held by the Valuation Office in Dublin City - these records are not available online. The Valuation Office also hold maps showing the location of the properties Providing one of your McLaughlin family was the principal occupant or leaseholder they should show up.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Aug 2019, 11:59AM
  • Hi Shane,

    You are a miracle worker! I also just found Mosshill estate in the in the, and mention of the Conry owners in Griffiths / Clooncraff > Corkeenagh Townland -- but without McLaughlin tennant listings. 

    • I don't know the ages of the sibblings other than the oldest are: Jane, Catherine, Bartholomew, Mary, Thomas. I'm guessing thay are about 1 1/2 - 2 years apart. (If I find additional RC baptism records of "matching parents" to the children, I'll identify the parents names.) -- Can you point me to the "6 Patricks" data?
    • Is there death record directory somewhere? His father died Feb. 2, 1848. I do not know his name.
    • How is one to access the Cancelled Land Books from abroad? 
    • P.S. as a wild card, we also saw mention that Patrick may have served sometimein the 1853-6 Crimean War conflict

    Thanks again. - Tom


    Thursday 15th Aug 2019, 01:47PM
  • Civil registration of deaths started in 1864 (along with births and Catholic marriages), anything before this would be a church record. Unfortunately Catholic Parishes rarely included records of death or burial in their registers. There's no mention of death/burials in the Aughrim (Kilmore and Clonaff, Aughrim & Kilmore) parish Co. Roscommon registers.

    The Cancelled Land Books are not available online at present, you would need to get someone to research these on your behalf. The books are currently being scanned, and some are available on computers in the office, this could be a first step to making these records available online at some stage, but I've heard no solid news on this process .The Valuation Books for counties in Northern Ireland (they call these Valuation Revision Books) are already available online on the PRONI website - you can have a look at these to see the type of details included.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 15th Aug 2019, 02:57PM

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