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Seeking forefather info.

Patrick James McLaughlin's family moved to Kiltrustan (his father's parish) in 1844 when he was eight years old. He was born Oct. 28, 1836. The McLaughlin family moved from Kilmore Parish (letter says Patrick was born on the "Moss-Hill estate" - which we cannot find).

McLaughlin family letters from1864-1870 were from "Tubberpatrick" and mailed from Strokestown. His father passed Feb. 2, 1848. 

Patrick McLaughlin was one of 9 children: Jane, Catherine, Bartholomew, Mary, Thomas, Bridget, Ellen, Margaret 

Patrick left for America approx. 1857.

Seeking direction to find:

  1. Location of family's Kiltrustan dwelling / property (McLaughlin tennants are on NOT Griffiths Toberpatrick Township 1857 valuation)
  2. Names of Patrick's PARENTS. Widow McLaughlin survived her husband for 22+ years.


Tuesday 13th Aug 2019, 05:46PM

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