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These two sisters were my ggg grandmother's.  Elizabeth  married William Hall in 1822, had her first child David Hall in 1823 in Consecon,  Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada  and then settled  in Port Hope, Ontario.  Susannah  married her husband  John Brandon in 1825 in Port Hope and settled  in Cannington,  Brock Twp, Durham County, Ontario.  Susannah 's daughter  Elizabeth married  Elizabeth 's son William  Hall Jr and these individuals  were my gg grandparents as well as being first cousins. Therefore I have more Norris dna than usual. Susannah  called one son Richard Clear Brandon  and her sister Elizabeth called one of her children George  Clear Hall.  I assumed that the Clear family must have been connected so I imputed Clear as a search from my maternal side matches  of my Ancestry  dna test. Well, that has certainly  opened up a can of worms. I have so many matches  that come from Bandon, Cork  Ireland  and New Bandon, New Brunswick,  Canada as well as other locations. They seem to go back to Edward E Ellis and Jane Clear  whose son Francis Clear started New Bandon,  New Brunswick  as well as encouraging numerous  family members  to leave Cork for New Brunswick.  The dna matches  include the names Ellis, Clear, Good, Burchill, Casey,  Norridge, Eady/ Eddy, Sullivan as well as some others. The only Norris match is someone in Oxfordshire  who can trace his line back quite far and still in Oxfordshire,  England. Elizabeth also called a son John Norris Hall. I am trying to find some info re their parents. I think that the mother of the sisters  was an Elizabeth. There were not many Norris in Bandon, Cork but I query the Sugar Lane area .


Friday 26th May 2023, 10:00PM

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  • Hi, Susannah's records on Ancestry state that she was a Methodist. Methodist records in Ireland are mostly held on the local level, so you might contact the Methodist church in/near Bandon. I hope this helps.


    Saturday 27th May 2023, 12:40AM

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