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Since adding the following post in August 2019 I still have had no success finding the graves of my 6x g. grandparents, despite some excellent suggestions from Miriam:-

 " I believe it highly likely that my 6 x g. grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth Berry were buried in the St Etchen's churchyard in Killucan. Their names appear as parisheners in vestry minutes from 1703 to 1730 and the baptisms/ deaths of 11 of their infant children are also recorded. Can anybody tell me if there is a record of burials available for this churchyard? I can get no respons from the contemporary church. The RCB does not appear to have any record of burials."

Is there perhaps someone who would be able to visit St. Etchen's Church and grveyard to look for these graves for me? Perhaps the sexton would be helpful.


Wednesday 1st Apr 2020, 08:26AM

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  • Hi PFB, assume we have no volunteer in the Killucan area and you probably need a local historian, there is a private Westmeath Genealogy Facebook page and maybe someone there lives locally, it has 702 members and apply to join. There may be some assistance available from the local library but all are closed currently for Covid 19 distancing reasons. You may find someone has written a local book on the area including graveyard inscriptions, you should be able to email the library for information they may have.

    A voluntary group have put together a deeds registry and there is some mention of Berry land in parts of Westmeath if you follow the link below but I am afraid that is all I can offer you.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 6th Apr 2020, 09:12PM
  • Hi Pat

    Thank you for your helpful response. Actually I have been in contact with the Westmeath library services and the Librarian  informed me of  Micheal Ó Conláin’s ‘Index to burials at St. Etchen’s Churchyard Killucan’which covers 170 pages.   It does not contain a map of the cemetery. She informed me that here is no reference to the name Berry in the actual index to this work.  (Which is surprising as the Vestry Register records the deaths and burials of numerous infant children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Dames) Berry).  Under normal copyright regulations the Library is unable to supply  a copy of this work. 

    I realize that this is hardly the time to be asking anyone to visit the graveyard on my behalf.

    Patrick Berry

    (Perth Australia)


    Wednesday 8th Apr 2020, 02:37AM
  • Hi Pat,

    I came across your post whIle looking trough the Killucan pages. I wonder if you ever had any success with finding the graves of your ancestors. I have a similar problem in trying to find my  Robinson ancestors who lived in the the area in the early 18th century.

    Whilst on holiday this summer I had a brief stop at St Etchen's graveyard but although there are large numbers of gravestones the older ones can no longer be read clearly.   If you had any luck in finding the gravestones you were looking for in other the burial records I would welcome your advice.

    Many thanks 

    Martin Robinson 


    Martin Robinson

    Thursday 2nd Nov 2023, 10:56AM

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