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I have birth cert for Mary Ann Teresa Gallagher b 1843 Manchester, England. Her father Patrick Gallagher and mother Elizabeth Swalthy.

I have found on baptism for Elizabeth Swalthy 26 July 1812 her father John Swalthy mother Elizabeth Barry. There are also two other baptisms to these parents for Margaret Swalthy b 1804 and Bartholomew b1809.  I cannot find a marriage for John  Swalthy and Elizabeth Barry.

Another that popped up was a baptism for a William Swalthy 1797 a son to John Swalthy and Elizabeth Barry but its at St. Marys, Cork City, Cork & Ross.

Swalthy seems an unusual name to me. Appreciate anyhelp with ideas: I wonder if this is the same John & Elizabeth and they moved from Cork to Dublin then at some point Elizabeth married Patrick Gallagher and moved to England.

Thanks for any help.



Thursday 23rd Apr 2020, 01:52PM

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  • Hi Maura

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    You would be right about Swalthy seeming unusual. It may be a less common spelling variant. 

    In the early 19th century, Roman Catholic Swalthy families were baptising children near the border between Co. Waterford & Co. Tipperary. See

    On Christmas Day, 1899 a Mr & Mrs W. A. Swalthy were "among the latest departures from North Wall Station the London and North Western Company's Express passenger steamer" [Irish Independent] but they don't turn up on the 1901 Census.

    We'd love if you added your Swalthy names above to their respective county Ancestors roll-call (to see what local volunteers may be able to match up).

    Here's how:




    Monday 15th Jun 2020, 05:45AM
  • Thanks have posted. This was useful as I realized I have just been putting messages on and not actually posting the 'ancestor'

    A question, how did you find the Christmas Day departures.

    Thanks for your help.



    Friday 3rd Jul 2020, 10:40AM
  • The British Newspaper Archive has a great range of digital newspapers from Ireland. Their departure was listed in the Irish Independent there.


    Saturday 4th Jul 2020, 11:24AM
  • Thanks, I subscribe so I'll do a bit more searching. An update since I also had some advice from another group:

    This was my reply:

    Since I posted I have trawled records and found a marriage for John Swalthy and Elizabeth Barry so now have:

    John Swelthy to Elizabeth Barry on 28th Sept 1794 at St. Mary's, Cork

                     Their children:      William baptised 15 Aug 1797 St. Mary's Cork

                                                  Margaret baptised 12 Aug 1804 St. Catherine's, Dublin

                                                  Bartholomew baptised 14 May 1809  St Catherine's Dublin

                                                  Elizabeth baptized 26 July 1812 St. Catherine's Dublin who married Patrick Gallagher b 1799 then moved to Manchester England.

    I am concerned to have the right family. Do you agree that the above is likely to be the one family. I am about prepared to accept they are.

    How all the others fit in, I'm not sure. I have looked at the marriage of Margaret Swalthy and William Buckley and while the dates fit I'm can't think why she would go back to Cork as she was born in Dublin. It's feasible, as it is about the time I would be expecting Elizabeth and Patrick Gallagher to marry - perhaps all the family were on the move and they had relatives back in Cork.

    Regarding Elizabeth Barry who married John Swelthy: I have found a baptism on 30th June 1770 with father Gerard Barry and mother Elizabeth Locke -these dates seem to fit and then I found marriage: Gerard Barry to Elizabeth Locke 11 June 1769 St. Peter & Paul, Cork.

    I don't know where Margaret Swalthy who married William Broderick fits it. 'Swalthy' seems an uncommon name but I've found quite a few in 1700's and can't work out how they are all connected.

    Thanks for your assistance, it's helped me push on and any other advice greatly appreciated.



    Saturday 4th Jul 2020, 12:43PM
  • Certainly seems like you should join Cork City and link in with the message board there.

    Try posting an Ancestor Chronicle for John Swelthy and also for Elizabeth Barry to "Cork City" and "St Catherine's Dublin" with the above information.

    Do the same for any other couple you have listed there. With any luck another researcher will recognize them and help you confirm they were the same family or not.


    Sunday 5th Jul 2020, 11:36AM

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