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Hello from the States!

I am descended from Terence Keeffe who resided in Co. Cork in the mid 1800s. His marriage record and children's baptisms all list Lismonihis/Lismanahisk/Lismonish as their residence (I believe this is what you would refer to as a townland in Ireland? You can correct me if I'm wrong).

He was married in Kildorrery to Anne Mead (of Meadstown). All of his children's baptisms took place in Kildorrery as well. He is found on Griffith's Valuation on Farahy Road (about mid-way between Farahy and Meadstown). I am mostly curious of learning more on the village Lismonihis, as it appears to have been wiped off the map, but better yet, I can't even locate it on any of the historic maps I've seen.

However, I know it must have existed as it is recorded in this family's church records, other church records in Kildorrery around the same time period, and I have also found a tombstone (of someone unrelated) who had the inscription 'of Lismonihis' in the Farahy historic graveyard. I can only assume it was within proximity to Farahy and Kildorrery, but I'd really like to know exactly where!

Of course, I am also interested in the Keeffe family as well, but will post separately on those specifics. Thank you for any assistance in learning more about Lismonihis.

Best, Kira


Monday 31st Aug 2020, 12:07AM

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  • Hi Kira,

    You have already done quite a bit of work. I hope I can add abit to it.

    I found your quesion about Lismonish interesting and I did some tracking down as far as I could. It was almpst certainly a sub-townland of Farrahy. Nowadays many of the sub-townland names have been forgotten. Back in the 1840s they were critical even if they  were only a few fields.

    It absolutely did exist. there is an account in a Brisbane newspaper of a Maurice Barry from there who became mayor of Brisbane. I also found something about O'Dea;s who talk about Lismonish.

    I saw Terence in Griffiths and also in the Tithe Applotments in 1831. here  he is located in Ballynoe which can be found on the historic map. My guess is that Lismonish was right there.

    I have sent you the files showing what I found.


    Geraldine Powell

    Saturday 31st Oct 2020, 11:18PM
  • Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you for looking into this! I think you pulled some great leads for me. I'll digest these and get back to you with any follow-ups.

    In my research I had not run across the term sub-townland but that makes complete sense to me.


    Kira D. Foltz


    Wednesday 4th Nov 2020, 04:02AM
  • Kira,

    When townland names were adopted in the mid 1800s there were alot of placenames that not used as townland names. Yet these placenames continued to be used on birth certs etc. For example, the placename Cowhouse beside me is used on birth certs in the late 1800s but few people ever heard of it. The same for Knockaunroe, Taille, Glan and many others I know in Cork and Galway. These placenames are only known by very few people who live in them or are very interested. I fall into the very intetrested bracket!! I will make a few enquiries about it in Farrahy (when Covid is gone) and will get back to you.

    Best wishes, Kieran Jordan, Fermoy

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 30th Dec 2020, 01:06AM

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