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I am trying to track down a couple missing generations in my family tree. What I have is:

Thomas Crawford (1730 Bopgtown, Braid-1794 Braid married to Nancy Boyd 1730 Raloo - 1800 Raloo) and had 3 children, Janet, Robert and William.

then the missing generations, I think William, then son Thomas

the next generation I know, from family history documents:

Thomas Crawford (20 Jun 1852, Broughshane - 9 Nov 1929, Tullymore) married Agnes Crawford (29 Jun 1853 Raloo-24 Sep 1938 Tullymore). I believe their marriage license has Thomas' father as Thomas. Their children were Mary E, Margaret J, James, Robert, Stewart (Who I am related through), William, and Samuel.

Any help with figuring out those 2 missing generations, and information on them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help.


Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 02:43PM

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  • Civil marriage registers certainly confirm that when Thomas Crawford married Agnes Crawford on 22 February 1882 in Raloo Presbyterian Church, his father was recorded as Thomas Crawford (scanned image of this marriage entry can be viewed at ).

    Prior to 1864 and civil registration of births in Ireland you will have to rely on church registers to confirm birth details of Thomas Crawford (born 1852) and of his parents, grandparents etc. Dates of commencement and quality of information in church registers vary from parish to parish and from denomination to denomination. Access to church registers, in the absence of indexes and databases, is generally gained through knowledge of an ancestor's parish address and religious denomination. 

    There is no national index to Irish church registers. To date, only the county-based genealogy centres have attempted any large scale, systematic indexing of church registers in their localities.  Although RootsIreland, , is the largest online source of Irish church register transcripts, it must be emphasised that a failure to find relevant birth/marriage entries in this database doesn't mean that the events you are looking for didn't happen in Ireland. It simply means that they are not recorded in the database; for example, they may be recorded in a record source which doesn't survive for the time period of interest or in a source that has not been computerised. You can view details of all County Antrim church registers, with dates, that are available to search on RootsIreland at


    If you wish to  identify all available church registers in the wider Braid/Broughshane/Raloo area of County Antrim, microfilm copies of which are held in our national archives in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) in Belfast you should explore their Guide To Church Records, which can be accessed on their website at as it lists, in alphabetical order by civil parish, church registers of all denominations for most parishes in Ulster and their commencement dates, together with their microfilm reference details

    Information provided by Brian / Tower Museum

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Saturday 17th Apr 2021, 01:56PM
  • meitten, if you're related to Stewart, then I think we are cousins as my grandfather is Stewart's brother, Robert. Please contact me at  I think we can help each other out.  Curtis Weisner 





    Sunday 18th Apr 2021, 02:42AM

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