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My 3xGG, George Thompson and Mary Ann Wilson, emigrated from Ireland to Canada (Quebec) in approximately 1845. They emigrated with their six sons (James, John, Alexander, George, William and Robert) and their one daughter Mary Ann. 

I have been told (without backup documentation) that they were on an 1821 census in this townland and parish; showing George's mother Isabella living with them. They lived on a small tenant farm of 5 acres by Lugnagon, Ireland. George was born approximately 1785 in this locality and George and Mary were married about 1815. 

Should anyone else be researching this family, it would be wonderful to connect!

Brenda (Thompson) Montieth


Thursday 30th Dec 2021, 08:13PM

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  • Brenda:

    There are no 1821 census fragments available for Co. Leitrim. Not sure what source would have shown Isabella living with George and his family.

    The 1834 Tithe Applotment listing for Carrigallen ciivl parish did show a George Thompson in Lugnagon townland (shown as Legnagun in the Tithes).…

    You did not mention the religious denomination but if the family was Church of Ireland then no records would be available because the records were destroyed in the 1922 Public Records Office fire in Dublin.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th Dec 2021, 08:59PM
  • Good Morning Roger,

    I so appreciate your reply.

    In very old family documentation, it was written that our family came from County ''Latham'. This could be the only spelling they knew (and were sounding it out) or, with an accent that is how someone else wrote it out. I do believe my family did come from County Leitrim, although my Grandfather and some of his siblings always stated County Cavan.

    For years, I have been struggling to find out the townland and Parish. This family member (another branch) stated they had done the research in Ireland and thus had this confirmed. I have asked for 'proof' to show they are truly from Lugnagon Townland, Carrigallen Parish. I would love to visit one day - but to the right locality!

    They were Methodist and not RC. I too did searching on all the siites and could not find any census records for County Leitrim. I also found the Tithe Applotment records (thank you for that) but I am now leery that it is my actual family!

    Back to the drawing board. Thank you so much for your very quick response. 



    Friday 31st Dec 2021, 02:31PM
  • Hi Brenda,

    George and Mary Thompson were recorded in the 1821 census in Carrigallen (and a transcript of the 1821 census for Carrigallen does exist). I reviewed it some months ago in the National Library. George, aged 36, and Mary, aged 30, were living there, with two sons, James (4) and John (2) and Isabella (70), George's mother.



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    Friday 10th Mar 2023, 12:48PM

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