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I am looking for any information about my great grandfather, Timothy Mahoney. Born in Cork in around July 1868. Later immigrated to Boston and died there in June 1951. Married to a Bridget Hayes. Will try to attach a copy of his certificate of birth and baptism.

Thank you

Patty Flaherty


Tuesday 27th Oct 2020, 08:15PM

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    Timothy can be found easily by searching  Look up th echuch recodrs and put in Kilmacabea as the place.


    Geraldine Powell

    Thursday 29th Oct 2020, 02:37PM
  • Thank you so much! I was looking more on the site for information about birth of siblings or marriage. Found some that maybe could be a match but the names are spelled different. Is that possible?



    Thursday 29th Oct 2020, 06:44PM
  • Yes. Names were spelled in many different and inconsistent ways. However, the townland that the person's family lived in was often consistent. It is worth spending hours on trying different combinations and permutations. It is also good to work with a map so you can see if two places were next door to each other.

    Also look up civil death records. They now often have images attached which can give information about relationships and places lived in. It looked to me as if your Timothy had lots of siblings but I did not investigate them. I hope you have fun doing that.


    Geraldine Powell

    Friday 30th Oct 2020, 05:48PM
  • Patty, 

    Although the Baptisimal cert states that Timothy was baptised in Kilmacabea his birth certificate states that he was a native of Ballinaclogh which is in the Ross Parish. His father was a fisherman. In the records his name is spelt Mahony. There are still Flahavan families living in that area. when searching the civil records enter Clonakilty as the Civil Registration District and you will probably find more records.  He lived close to the border between both parishes.

    Denis Shanahan 

    Myross Cork

    Friday 30th Oct 2020, 08:12PM
  • Patty

    Ballinaclogh is also spelt Ballinaclough in the census of 1901 and there are many families there by the name of Mahony. Farrisey is not a name common to that area so it might be easy to locate that family. Walked in that are last week - beautiful scenery 


    Myross Cork

    Friday 30th Oct 2020, 08:25PM
  • Patty, 

    Denis married Mary Pharisey on the 16th of February 1856 the same day as my great grandfather's first/second cousin. It was probably Shrove Tuesday as you will see from the church records for Ross that there were a many marriages on that day as they were not allowed to marry during Lent. Most of them were probably matches. 


    Myross Cork

    Friday 30th Oct 2020, 08:38PM
  • Thank you both for the replies and the information. I will continue looking into Timothy and family. I would love to visit the area some day!



    Monday 2nd Nov 2020, 01:49PM

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