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Hello all,

I posted previously about the Testin family of Limerick; since then I have found additional information and wonder if anyone can add any clues? My ancestors are Henry Testin, born in Limerick between 1795 and 1804--likely closer to 1804. His wife Susan was born in Limerick around the same time, and they were apparently married in Kilfinane Parish, Limerick on July 17, 1821. Their surname was listed as Touchton for the baptism of their son Jacob on November 28, 1835--the parish record uses Latin, so possibly that explains the change? Additional children born to Henry and Susan are: Henry, b. January 1830; Elizabeth, b. October 1830; Ann, b. March 1832; and Mary, b. 1838.

Can anyone add to this information, either for Testin (Teston/Testan), or Touchton?

Thanks very much, once again!

Bill from Colorado

Saturday 27th May 2023, 05:18AM

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  • The only one I found was Isaac Teston  a marriage to Anne Burgess in 1802.
    Use this site you may find information.  Try  Tes*
    Genealogy (


    Sunday 28th May 2023, 09:25AM
  • Thanks very much Margot, will do!


    Bill from Colorado

    Sunday 28th May 2023, 08:43PM

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