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   I recently ran across a Jul 1824 marriage record in Inchigeelagh Farish of Owen Callagh and Joanna Cronin on the NLI site and it listed a township of Cornara (looks like the correct spelling but not 100% sure).  I cannot seem to find this townland in the list of townlands for Inchigeelagh Parish or in the Griffith's Valuation or in Goggle maps.  Would anyone familiar with Inchigeelagh Parish be able to identify what townland they were trying to identify in this 1824 marriage record.

Thank you,

Bob Cronin 


Wednesday 30th Sep 2020, 02:33PM

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    One possibility is the townland of Cornery, about which you can find more info at this link:…

    The Irish form of the name is apparently now uncertain, but strong possibilities would be corr na rí {"hill of the king") or corr na rátha ("hill of the ringfort").  The latter, as spoken, would sound very much like "cornara", and the fact that its origin is now uncertain might indicate that the final sound has changed with time, as people lost sight of the original pronunciation.  Perhaps bolstering that idea is the fact that Cornery is missing from Griffith's Valuation, although it appears in the 1901 census.  There are links to those records at the site mentioned above.  I checked them out, though, and there were no Carragh's or Cronin's there in 1901 (and the townland is missing again in the 1911 census).

    I've never seen the surname Callagh before (there is a MacCalla surname, but that's up in Ulster), so at first I assumed that what you saw was an abbreviation for Callaghan, a surname which originated in Cork, but I looked at the actual record, and it does seem to say just "Callagh", with no indication that it was an abbreviation.  The marriage date was actually 25 September 1824, though (I've attached a copy of the page with the marriage shown).

    There were lots of Cronin's in the area, since that surname originated in West Cork (my own Cronin great-grandmother grew up a couple of parishes further to the north).  In fact, if you look at the link above, you'll see further links to info about the adjoining townlands, and in Shehy More there were a lot of Cronin's in the 1901 census.  If Cornery is the right place for you, then those Cronin's were probabl fairly close relatives.  The surrounding townlands also seem to be missing from Griffith's Valuation (and some from the 1911 census), so there does seem to have been more than one change of name (or change in what was considered a townland) since the mid-1800's.

    If you want to check out other townlands in Inchigeelagh, you can go the top of the page at the above link and click on the reference to Inchigeelagh.

    As you may know already, the parish registers for Iveleary parish (the name of the Catholic parish - Inchigeelagh being the name of the civil parish).are available online back to 1816, at this link (which is where I got the attachment):




    Thursday 1st Oct 2020, 07:00PM
  • Thank you Kevin for a an excellent explanation.  
    Regards,  Bob Cronin




    Friday 2nd Oct 2020, 12:56PM

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