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Hello - 
Is there way to find out the name of the ship on which someone traveled?  My ancestor is Michael Thomas Dunne.  Dunne was changed to Dunn in the US.  The family joke is that the E was dropped in the ocean as he sailed.   MIchael is from Loughrea and I believe he would have sailed to the US in 1848.   

Thank you!  Any information and assistance would be appreciated.  

Mary Conyne


Thursday 25th Jun 2020, 02:46PM

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    Hi Mary,

    Many men with the name "Thomas Dunne" are recorded in travelling from Ireland to various ports in the USA in 1847/48.

    You should try "The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy" 3rd Edition by Val D Greenwood.

    You will need as much information as you can get from family/relatives as the system of recording emigration in that period as poor. Mainly names and Country of origin.




    Thursday 25th Jun 2020, 04:33PM
  • Hi Mary,

    One of my favorite places to look for Ships' names and/or passengers is the Ships Transcribers Guild. In a very quick search, I did find a Michael Dunn, 30 years old, a laborer from Ireland, on the ship "Wyoming" in 1848 at this link:

    This Michael Dunn is on line 62. Now he may or may not be your Michael, of course, but there are plenty of other ships to explore on the site.

    Here also is a valuable link:  Immigration And Ships' Passengers Reseach Guilde.

    Hope you find something helpful, and good hunting : )

    Jane Rock -- used to be Shamrock, but we dropped the sham on the way over . . . ;-)


    Saturday 13th Feb 2021, 05:17PM
  • There are different archives where this kind of information is kept


    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 11:21PM
  • But until it doesn't reach a certain age, it will be private, so if you need something, you have to prove why you need it, it is easier in cases when it's about your relatives. This is how I managed to find the route that long time ago, my grand grandma was traveling, the route which is now used mostly by db auskunft, so I decided to go for a journey as well, it was very exciting thinking that my relatives were traveling on the same way as I do, but a long time ago.


    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 11:22PM

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