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I'm not sure if this post is allowed here. I'm trying to find out about the life of my grandfather that I never met who died in Ballybough in 2015. 

Could anyone help, or suggest places to find information?


Thanks, Samantha


Wednesday 20th Mar 2019, 10:24PM

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  • Dear Samantha:

    We do not trace people within 100 years, but that information should be readily available on the following site:


    1.  Irish Newspaper Archives (which is a subscription site).  This site has a large number of newspapers and should have very recent editions online.


    2. This is a  free website which lists death notices.  


    3.  This is another free website that lists death notices.  


    Good luck.


    All the best,




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 22nd Mar 2019, 02:27PM

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