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My maternal great grandfather, Bernard McCusker, and great grandmother, Bridgette Hackette were born in Cullenreamer, Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  They were married in 1865 in Cullenreamer.  I cannot find Cullenreamer on the map.  Has the name changed?   Bernard died in 1878 in Cullenreamer.  Bridgette died circa 1911 in Armagh, Ireland.  My grandfather was born in 1880 and emigrated to the United States in 1903.  He had a sister Ellen Elizabeth McCusker who was born in 1877 in Cullenreamer.  I have little information about Ellen Elizabeth but would love to learn more.

My maternal grandmother, Rose Ann Pryor was born in 1888 in Northern Ireland, according to my search on  She may have been born in 1887 in Bawnboy, Ireland.  The information for the Pryors is sparse.

My paternal grandmother, named Mary Ellen Groark, was born in Swinford, County Mayo in 1889.  Her mother was Mary Ellen Sheridan who was born in Bohola, Mayo.

My wife and I will be visiting Ireland in May 2023 and would like to explore my Irish heritage.  Any information that you can provide about these places and people would be very much appreciated.

Wednesday 30th Nov 2022, 03:12AM

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