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I am visiting Ireland in October and will be in Dublin visiting the various repositories hopefully learning about my ancestors as well as the history of the area. Since it is likely they left Ireland about 1850 it is unlikely I will find anything on them in the records that still exist. I will be there October 6-11.

On the 12 I plan to drive to Donegal which is where my great great grandparents Edward (1804? - 1887) and Alice Collum McFadden (1804? - 1886) most likely lived.  I believe they lived in the Tullaghobegly area and according family lore says that Their son Dennis (1842-1924) was born in Cloughaneely.

Edward and Alice's daughter Margaret (1845-1905) married Manus Ferry who may have been from Conwal and born in Kirkneedy. They also may have been the first ones to come to the US and settled in Ohio and the others eventually joined them.

When I travel I tend to do my own thing. I do some general internet searching, ask the hotel/B&B where I'm staying for places of interest along with any locals I meet.

I have found some tours that I can pay for in advance. Since I believe October is the off season, can I plan on paying when I'm there if I decide to take such a tour at the last minute?  Also, is there anything that I must do that requires paying for in advance? Also, if there are any suggestions of places to go on my own I'd appreciate hearing about them. I already have a fairly long list that I doubt I will be able to check everything off of.

I'll be flying out early on the 18th.




Sunday 25th Aug 2019, 07:10PM

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