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Been struggling with my maternal grandfather's line of my ancestry

- here in America, my grandfather was Andrew Wheeler

- his father/my great grandfather was John Wheleghan (born 9 JAN 1864 • Killucan, Co, Westmeath, Ireland) (emigrated in 1881) married Margaret Glynn (born JAN 1861 • Killucan, Westmeath, Ireland)

- John's father, my great-great grandfather was Patrick Whelehan born 1832 (died: 20 APR 1885 ) and lived in Thomastown Killucan Parish County Westmeath.  Married Margaret Dunne (born 1839 • Killucan, Co, Westmeath, Ireland) (died 29 DEC 1879 • Killucan, Westmeath, Ireland)

I do have quite a bit of information that a genaeologist has helped me isolate (petty records, Griffith's valuation, church records) - but what I can't seem to do is isolate the RIGHT Whelehan/Wheleghan clan in Ireland as I've been told by locals there are at least 2 different - I have visited Westmeath a couple of times, wandered/visited every cemetery in the area, met a kind gentleman who took me to a Whelehan's farm but sadly he didn't know much of his ancestry.  Would love to find the graves of these ancestors - I drove to Thomastown (as Waze app took me) but it was kinda just a field by a waterway and a restaurant (Nanny Quinns).

Anyone in the Westmeath area that knows/is familiar with this clan I'd love to chat with you offline (email?) and I can share more details of what I have/know - I don't think all of Patrick/Margaret's kids emigrated.  John/Margaret emigrated and married in NY so all their kids are American.  But I have to believe I have relations still in Ireland connected here!

Pics attached are my great grandparents John and Margaret!

(I've been hugely successful on all 3 other lines of my ancestry!)  Thank you in advance


Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 05:15PM

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  • It seems you've also had a lot of success with THIS line of your ancestry, tracing them back many generations to Thomastown, Killucan, Westmeath.  Many researchers would kill to discover the place of origin, as you have. 


    If you want to find out if there are family members still in the area, why not send a query to the local weekly or online newspaper in the area?  I hope this helps.


    Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 06:49PM
  • MGilchrist:

    I located this article on our Ancestors site…

    You may want to add an article for your John and Margaret Wheeler


    Here is a 2020 message that Patricia and I worked on. It may be the same family shown in the first link above.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 07:47PM
  • Thank you Roger - this seems to point to the info I have that there may have been two different Wheleghan/Whelehan clans in Westmeath - the articles you pointed me to talk about folks emigrating to Chicago.  I've no relations in Chicago - all my people landed/stayed in New York (at least until the mid-twentieth century).  Lots of similar names (Johns, Michaels, etc.) but I do think that clan is not mine that I am seeking.  But thank you I will post to the XO site you referenced!!

    @Patricia -  yes I know I've a lot more than some people would dream of finding - but I have a gut feel that I've relations on my Wheeler lineage that are still in Westmeath and that's my ultimate goal LOL (my last trip to Ireland, last month, I met 2 cousins in Youghal I found by doing this research - 2nd cousins 1x removed!!)



    Monday 11th Oct 2021, 05:57PM

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