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I'm confused by various people doing genealogy saying that Knockvicar is in Cryanstown, and others saying that Cryanstown and Aghrafinigan are the same place. The townland of Knockvicar seems nowhere near Aghrafinigan.
Can someone explain please where they are in relation to each other.
And to confuse things further, where is Bryanstown?!
This is for as far back as I can go looking at Mulloys in the area (not the big shot Charles Mulloy though).
Many thanks.
Fionn Lawlor


Wednesday 6th Apr 2022, 10:04PM

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  • Fionn:

    This map for Ardcarn civil parish shows where Knockvicar and Aghrafinigan are located

    Fairly close! This real estate offering… seems to indicate that Cryanstown and Knockaduff/Knockadaff are the same locale and if you go back to the map, Knockaduff is just to the east of Knockvicar.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 6th Apr 2022, 11:35PM
  • You can see further maps of those townlands at these links, with additional info about them:





    Thursday 7th Apr 2022, 06:08PM
  • Fionn,

    See the following article (on Joe Molloy) that may be of interest, and this one Both say that Aghrafinigan (Aughnafinnigan) and Cryanstown are the same place. Furthermore, Cryanstown and Knockduff seem to be linked, as at this link…. This link may also be relevant (or not) to Molloy…. There are several places called Bryanstown, in Westmeath, Meath and Kildare. There is Bryan More in Roscommon, in Aughrim parish. If you are referring to Bryanstown in Ardcarn, I suspect it is a typographical error with a 'B' instead of a 'C'.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 12th Apr 2022, 10:46AM
  • Hi Kieran
    Thank you for the info.
    I am trying to find definitive parents to Catherine Mulloy O'Hara (c1820s-1906).
    I had seen the article on young Joe Molloy, son of George, son of John Molloy. Sad.
    There appear to be the following Mulloy/Molloy siblings...
    Ancestry trees give Catherine, Brigid Mulloy Shivnan (as you mentioned), Honoria Mulloy Hannon, Anne Mulloy Ballantine, John Mulloy (m Anne Gardiner), a possible James, and a possible Eliza Mulloy McDermott as siblings.
    I can connect, via baptismal sponsors & marriage witnesses the following...
    My Catherine with Honoria Hannon, a Brigid Mulloy,
    Anne Ballantine with Honoria Hannon,
    John Mulloy with Honoria Hannon, a Brigid Mulloy
    James Mulloy with Honoria Hannon.
    So it looks fairly likely that these were Catherine Mulloy O'Hara's siblings (no proof via Ancestry DNA connections yet though).
    However all the Ancestry trees say that the parents of these siblings were a Charles Mulloy and Mary Kate McLoughlin/McLaughlin from Knockvicar, Cryanstown. But no proof. No-one can give me any baptismal records or any info on Charles and Mary Kate.
    Although a Charles Mulloy, c1792-1877, died Aghrafinigan with a John Mulloy present.
    However it is likely there was a McLoughlin connection as various sponsors of the children of Honoria Hannon, John Mulloy and Brigid Shivnan were McLoughlins.
    In addition a Charles Mulloy married an Honor McLoughlin 18.6.1817 (Boyle) which could be a relative?
    And there are also the Oakport Mulloys which appear to be a separate family.
    So you see my conundrum regarding the different place names.
    Thanks again.


    Wednesday 13th Apr 2022, 08:34AM

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