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I have the death certificate for my grandfather Patrick Walsh who died 17 April 1953 in Harrogate Yorkshire England age 88

He married my Grandmother Bridget Earley about 1898-1899 no marriage found both Catholic 

Children John,Michael,Edward,Ann Catherine,Maria,William,Patrick,Thomas(my Father)Kathleen 

1901 & 1911 had them living with Bridget's mother Catherine in Derrygullinaun,also living with them or next door was a John Walsh and family,found a marriage for John Walsh and Ann Barrett in 1887 Barnfield,4 of the Sponsors for my aunts and uncles were called Barrett Ann,Mary,Anthony and Maria

Births Found

26 Feb 1865 Pat of Owen Walsh/Sally Barrett Barnfield,brother John 7 June 1862

12/12/1866 Pat and twin Martin of Thomas Walsh/Margaret Barrett Ballynahaglish also John 1868

13 Feb 1868 Pat of Michael Walsh/Catherine Mullany Barnagurry ancestry dna match

10 April 1870 Pat of John Walsh/Margaret Carabine Barnfield 

hoping someone can tell me which is right,all Bridget's details Correct.


Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 06:10PM

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  • Hi Trish,

    According to Irish naming patterns, the eldest son was named after the paternal grandfather. So if Patrick and Bridget followed this pattern when naming their eldest son John, Patrick's father would be John.  His mother was likely Anna.  Alas, even though these are probabilities, I can't say for sure that John's parents WERE John and Anna.


    Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 08:36PM
  • Thankyou,it looks like I have come to a brick wall,the Patrick given to me by ancestry was known as horse which I had not heard of and other things did not fit,have been told that you get matched with similar trees even though you have had your DNA done,I really thought the 1865 Barnfield one was the right one,John if a brother was about the right number of years older,his Parents on the Birth Certificate were Owen Walsh/Sally Barrett but on the 1887 Marriage Certificate it is down as Eugene Walsh/Sally Barrett,I looked up Eugene and it is another name for Owen,then I Looked up Owen and it is another name for John,will just have to give up and try and get further with my mothers side which I am further back thanks to roger.


    Monday 17th Jan 2022, 07:32AM
  • Trish,

    Ancestry is a great genealogy tool, but the member trees are put together by individuals, not Ancestry, and are not always accurate.


    Tuesday 18th Jan 2022, 02:43PM

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