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Two of my Great-Great Grandparents on my father's side came from Templeboy, Sligo based on engravings on their gravestone in St James Cemetary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Arthur Whitesides was born in 1806 and his wife, Jane who's maiden name was, I believe, Allen, was born in 1805.

This emigration to Toronto occurred prior to September 1832 because their first child was born Sept 17, 1832 in Toronto. Exactly when or how they travelled, I have no idea.

Perhaps importantly in identifying them, because of traditional naming schemes which I am fairly sure they followed with perhaps minor exceptions (because later generations definitely did), the children's names, in order, were as follows:
John 1832, Thomas 1836, Arthur 1838, Eliza Jane 1840 and Susanna 1842.

Any and all hints pointers etc to their Templeboy ancestors and exact location would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Friday 18th Feb 2022, 08:21PM

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  • Hello and Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out

    I have done a quick search for Whitesides in Sligo and I see the name is still around the area of Ballisodare and Collooney Co Sligo

    I would contact Sligo Heritage maybe they might be able to help

    Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre | genealogical service (


    Have you done your DNA or made any DNA connections in Sligo area

    I will search further and come back to you


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Friday 18th Feb 2022, 11:42PM
  • Found this also - someone else searching for the Whitesides name also

    Thomas Stewart,(born 1811 in Sligo),married Elizabeth Whiteside,(born 19 July 1807 in Ballina)on 17 October 1834 in Ardnelly Co Mayo. They arrived in Botany Bay 14 July 1840 with 3 children,as Assisted Bounty Immigrants on the ship "Formosa". I am interested in details & records of Thomas Stewart's parents James Stewart (Born 1780 in Ireland) & his wife Mary Ann Cummings (born 1785 in Ireland)and earlier family.I have not seen certificates for the above dates.Thomas Stewart is my Great Great Grandfather & I was lead to believe my family came from Scotland!


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Friday 18th Feb 2022, 11:44PM

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