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Merry Christmas to all my cousins, friends and helpers in the Castlecomer area

14-Dec-18 18:47
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny, Castlecomer (Kilkenny) 1

Mary Bridget Lynch born 1908

14-Dec-18 16:13
Ireland XO Community 2 Duplicate message.
by Castlemore Roscommon 14-Dec-18 16:40

Mary Bridget Lynch born 1908

14-Dec-18 16:12
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 2 Sandra:
by Castlemore Roscommon 14-Dec-18 16:40

Q. What is the current name of “Balnalube” Townland in Loughguile?

14-Dec-18 1:49
Ireland XO Community, Loughguile (Antrim) 2
by perrystreeter 14-Dec-18 1:49

Guinan's from Timsallagh or Spring Grove

13-Dec-18 18:06
Ireland XO Community, Galway 3 Elwyn
by Kelley 14-Dec-18 19:49

William Hanlon of Tubbrid, Barony of Cranagh, within Urlington District

13-Dec-18 13:32
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 6 The Tithe Applotment records for
by shanew147 14-Dec-18 20:43

James Dwyer and Cath Savage

13-Dec-18 11:44
Ireland XO Community 2 Chris:
by Castlemore Roscommon 13-Dec-18 17:28


12-Dec-18 22:29
Ireland XO Community, Limerick 3  
by Smat 15-Dec-18 11:41

Sarah Battle, Castlebar, Mayo + New York

12-Dec-18 12:22
Ireland XO Community, Mayo (Mayo), Castlebar (Mayo) 3 Des:
by Castlemore Roscommon 12-Dec-18 18:09

Ryan & Purcell, Cloneen

12-Dec-18 4:38
Ireland XO Community, Castlecomer (Kilkenny) 3  
by Tim Miller 14-Dec-18 19:09