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Hope to attend Week of Welcomes

2-Dec-11 13:15
Ireland XO Community 2 test
by cynoconnor 7-Mar-13 11:33

Peter Mooney, born in Ireland in 1809 - trade blacksmith

1-Dec-11 12:30
Ireland XO Community 5 Mooney
by gaffa 6-Jul-12 10:43

Miltown parish, west Galway

1-Dec-11 12:25
Galway 2 all over Ireland
by Ireland Reaching Out 1-Dec-11 12:27

i would like access to leitrum not galway

1-Dec-11 12:23
Leitrim (Cork) 2 HI SIR
by Connaught Ireland 21-Feb-13 14:36

Welch's from King's County - Offaly - left during famine arrived in Utica, New York

1-Dec-11 11:54
Offaly 3 Lally
by MVJ 24-Jan-13 14:57

Offer citizenship to the Diaspora

1-Dec-11 11:41
Ireland XO Community 2 Bravo! Enjoyed your Comment.
by Debora1119 1-Dec-12 14:36

James Patrick Caughey left County Down between 1876-1884 - from what town?

1-Dec-11 11:38
Down (Down) 2 Caughey
by Rascal103 27-Dec-12 11:53

Tracing my grandfather John Malone, born cork 1881, emigrated to Philadelphia

1-Dec-11 11:29
Cork 2 Cork Genealogical Society
by Ireland Reaching Out 1-Dec-11 11:31

Patrick Malone born 1843 Ellen Malone born 1854

1-Dec-11 11:23
Ireland XO Community 2 Do you know what county they are from?
by Ireland Reaching Out 1-Dec-11 11:25

Reilley from Cavan and Monaghan - want to connect

1-Dec-11 11:20
Ireland XO Community 2 Reilly's from Cavan
by Glangevlin Cavan 16-Nov-12 13:36