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Marlene seeking Eddie W who posted 2013 re James Butler/Maria Cosgrove Baltinglass Wickelow

17-Mar-18 13:08
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you Roger.   I am
by Marlene M 18-Mar-18 4:07

Great grandfather Patrick Murphy B. 1848 Kerry. And Family.

17-Mar-18 7:11
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you so much, you are a big
by Mollymoo 17-Mar-18 19:58

Michael McCraith and Anne or Amy or Amelia Roe married approx 1810.

17-Mar-18 5:55
Ireland XO Community 1

William Henry and Jane Gilmore

17-Mar-18 5:05
Ireland XO Community 2 Rod,
by Elwyn 17-Mar-18 5:27

James Young and Joanna Ryan

17-Mar-18 5:02
Ireland XO Community 1

Duris Family

17-Mar-18 3:50
Ireland XO Community, Tyrone, Carnteel (Tyrone) 2 Duplicate Post
by Elwyn 17-Mar-18 5:09

Duris Family

17-Mar-18 3:46
Ireland XO Community, Tyrone 5 Mike,
by Elwyn 20-Mar-18 11:05

Mary Maher Who Married Christopher Cousins

17-Mar-18 0:01
Ireland XO Community, Newcastle (Tipperary) 6 Gregory,
by Caher Tipperary 19-Mar-18 16:53

I am looking for the Howard family.

16-Mar-18 23:50
Ireland XO Community, Artrea (Tyrone) 3 Thank you Elwyn.  I was using
by Joe howard 17-Mar-18 13:30


16-Mar-18 21:57
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary (Tipperary), Killea (Tipperary) 2 Jack, welcome to the site.
by ColCaff 17-Mar-18 3:53