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Peter Hoey and Esther Connolly

18-Sep-18 16:10
Ireland XO Community, Killevy (Armagh) 1

Cahill (Carroll) Family Search

18-Sep-18 15:42
Dublin 4 Terry, have you check Glasnevin
by carolyoung 24-Sep-18 10:14

Question about parish registers for Valentia

18-Sep-18 15:17
Ireland XO Community 4 Pat:
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Sep-18 15:09

Patrick Tangney/Margaret Brown

18-Sep-18 14:50
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 5 Thanks Roger, I’ll keep looking!
by JT 22-Sep-18 10:30

Duffy family

18-Sep-18 12:50
Ireland XO Community, Mayo 3 Dear Roger
by Suzhannah03 19-Sep-18 10:42


18-Sep-18 11:08
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 2 Hi Suzie,
by Jim.Lenehan 24-Sep-18 18:38


18-Sep-18 11:02
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 5 Thanks Shane,
by Suzie 20-Sep-18 12:50


18-Sep-18 10:59
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1


18-Sep-18 10:56
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 5 Thanks Elwyn,
by Suzie 23-Sep-18 13:08

Hugh Lynch and Ann Brady

18-Sep-18 10:49
Ireland XO Community, Cavan 2 Suzie:
by Castlemore Roscommon 18-Sep-18 16:16