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15-Jun-18 13:52
Dublin 7 Many thanks Debbie and Col.
by davepat 24-Jun-18 1:59

Patrick Farrell married to Katherine Kelly

15-Jun-18 13:32
Ireland XO Community 6 Hello again Col,  they were RC
by Lyho47 18-Jun-18 16:27

Kelly/Otley in Borrisokane 1830s

15-Jun-18 10:00
Ireland XO Community, Borrisokane (Tipperary) 2 Hi, 
by Margot Secrette 15-Jun-18 18:48

John James Devanney

15-Jun-18 6:44
Ireland XO Community, Mayo 5 Your welcome:)
by Barbara 17-Jun-18 1:13

shipping from Ireland to Australia

15-Jun-18 6:43
Ireland XO Community 5 Hi Rob
by MallyGee 17-Jun-18 4:01

My 4th great grandfather George Love and his wife Mary Isabella Smith from County Tyrone, took their family to live in Ohio, USA in 1790/91. I have found the possibility of his father being Robert "of Ballyfoliard" Love (1682-1758) with a wife Mary

15-Jun-18 2:06
Ireland XO Community 3 Thanks Elwyn for the quick reply.
by Janan2 20-Jun-18 4:50

Browne/Guy,Grey,Gurey,Guery/McTeague families Oughteragh Couty Leitrim

14-Jun-18 23:50
Oughteragh (Leitrim), Leitrim 4  
by T.Heath 18-Jun-18 3:31

Johnstone/Jackson/Waldon families of Pullakawn? Pullabawn? Pollabane?

14-Jun-18 23:26
Kilmore (Cavan) 4 Thea:
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Jun-18 16:27

Fitzpatrick of Castletara

14-Jun-18 23:03
Ireland XO Community, Cavan 1

ROGER SOMERS - Looking for any info on my ancestor Roger Somers from Fairymount Roscommon

14-Jun-18 22:15
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you very much Roger for your
by Tillybudd 16-Jun-18 15:24