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Hamilton /Galbraith Hamilton/Leslie Hamilton/Adams

26-Nov-18 17:36
Ireland XO Community, Raphoe (Donegal) 3
by Laineybug 26-Nov-18 20:15

James Bohan

26-Nov-18 14:52
Ireland XO Community 2 Hi Patrick  . . . 
by Eamonn M. Horan 29-Nov-18 20:33


26-Nov-18 1:55
Ireland XO Community 4 Building on Shane's discovery, I
by Elwyn 26-Nov-18 16:29

Crooks, Hogg or Smyth Familes of Magherafelt

26-Nov-18 0:59
Ireland XO Community 2 Rob,
by Elwyn 26-Nov-18 2:31

Quinn/ Early

25-Nov-18 19:27
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you Roger. I will try to
by Quinn/ Early 26-Nov-18 23:54

Boyd, Ferrell, Hamilton, McNeely, Farabee

25-Nov-18 16:28
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 1

searching Quilty Family History

25-Nov-18 6:16
Shanagolden, Limerick, Robertstown (Limerick) 4 Hi Colleen,
by Margot Secrette 3-Dec-18 11:21

Bredin family

25-Nov-18 1:54
Ireland XO Community 3 Elwyn, Thanks so much for all the
by Margaretthomas31 26-Nov-18 4:38

John and Ellen Crow(e) (nee Mahoney) - any info appreciated

24-Nov-18 22:10
Ireland XO Community, Waterford 5 Thank you, Roger...will make a note
by Mary Grogan 27-Nov-18 20:53

John Moran

24-Nov-18 22:01
Ireland XO Community, Kilteevan (Roscommon) 3  
by Sharway 26-Nov-18 0:39