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James Dwyer 1799

10-Dec-18 0:27
Ireland XO Community 3  
by Chris Dwyer 11-Dec-18 5:19

William Willis

9-Dec-18 21:06
Ireland XO Community, Cork, Kilmocomoge (Cork) 3 Thank you very much Sir, for the
by Bert 10-Dec-18 23:14

My family Leary/ O leary from Fiddown and Piltown, County Kilkenny in Ireland

9-Dec-18 15:38
Fiddown (Kilkenny), Kilkenny 1

Thomas Costin and Mary Mansfield from County Waterford

9-Dec-18 3:50
Ireland XO Community, Ardmore (Waterford) 2 Duplicate message.
by Castlemore Roscommon 9-Dec-18 16:08

Thomas Costin and Mary Mansfield from County Waterford

9-Dec-18 3:34
Ireland XO Community, Waterford 3 Hi Roger:
by Joan Stewart Smith 10-Dec-18 4:57

John sulllivan

9-Dec-18 3:21
Ireland XO Community, Limerick 1

Kinney from Altarichard and Shanes Loughguile Antrim

9-Dec-18 1:46
Ireland XO Community, Loughguile (Antrim) 3 Hi Elwyn
by Barrie 11-Dec-18 5:50

Bridget Hughes

8-Dec-18 20:56
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 2 Hi Judy, think it may have been me
by St Peters Louth 11-Dec-18 21:38

Felix O'Neil + Penelope Sullivan, 1848

8-Dec-18 18:30
Ireland XO Community, Oughterard (Galway) 1

Looking for Peter Murtagh and family from Streete

8-Dec-18 18:20
Ireland XO Community, Streete (Westmeath) 2 Hi Pat Wales, is Wales your name or
by Margot Secrette 9-Dec-18 12:11