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Looking for birth records

4-Dec-18 20:17
Ireland XO Community, Mayo (Mayo) 5 That's interesting, Jasmine. 
by kevin45sfl 7-Dec-18 22:05

Anne Dillon born in Ballymahon

4-Dec-18 19:23
Ireland XO Community, Longford 4 Hi Kathleen, the place I would look
by Margot Secrette 8-Dec-18 11:34

Samuel JESSOP, Ireland to Toronto

4-Dec-18 19:14
Ireland XO Community 3 Hi LDMcShane  . . . 
by Eamonn M. Horan 6-Dec-18 21:03


4-Dec-18 18:54
Elphin (Roscommon), Creeve (Roscommon) 13 Kathleen,
by JRobinson 7-Dec-18 2:13

Michael Watson and his wife Elizabeth Craig

4-Dec-18 10:04
Armagh 4 Peter,
by Elwyn 5-Dec-18 2:37

Robert Burleigh Moore father William

4-Dec-18 9:06
Tyrone 17 The unsavoury part of family
by Eire2Go 11-Dec-18 10:19

James McCauley married Rose O’Donnell at St. Mary of the Visitation in Killybegs mid-1800s...

3-Dec-18 20:53
Killybegs Upper (Donegal) 2 Jasmine:
by Castlemore Roscommon 3-Dec-18 21:54

Tymons or Tymmons

3-Dec-18 2:45
Ireland XO Community, Clare 2 Dear Toole:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 4-Dec-18 11:43

Owen Healy

3-Dec-18 0:30
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 2 Peggy:
by Castlemore Roscommon 3-Dec-18 16:42

Patrick Duane of Clifden, County Galway

2-Dec-18 22:21
Clifden (Galway), Galway 1